Best Project Management Software for Building Firms: Buying Guide & Reviews

In order to complete building projects successfully for commercial and industrial clients, builders must take into account consideration for a broad range of aspects, including both planning and manual labor. 

You can reach your project management objectives with the aid of the correct software. The scope, time and money of a project may be effectively managed with the help of good project management software. It is essential that all personnel working on the project collaborate and communicate effectively in order to successfully complete the project. 

Project management software allows you to go through each step and task with accuracy and the proper information, helping you simply achieve your final goal. It helps you to keep track of project components, including deadlines, sheets, links and schedules by using project management software.

Project management softwares organizational components may be attractive to businesses since they save time and money when compared to previous methods of project planning.

Looking for specific features? Explore our comparison tooling.

At a glance:

Best Overall

✅ Endlessly customizable and quite powerful

✅ Supports automations, input from web forms, proofing and approvals.


✅ Planning and setting objectives with the team.

✅ Flexible and customizable in terms of setting up a workflow.

Best invoicing

✅ Can manage both projects and ongoing work.

✅ New intelligent features flag projects at risk of slipping.


✅ Keep an overview.

✅ Extensive customization of virtual workplace.


✅ Great customization options.

✅ Billing and invoicing included.

✅ Free account available.

How to choose the best project management software for builders

Company demands may be satisfied by a wide range of software options. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve analysed the most critical aspects of each piece of software. By looking at these comparisons, you’ll be able to choose which software is ideal for your firm and the project you’re working on. Consider the following elements and how they might affect the ultimate result before you make a decision. Many factors must be considered when picking which project management software to use in the development of your product. In order to get started, you’ll first need to know what the projects needs are and how you’ll accomplish them. The needs and objectives of your intended audience will also have an impact on the outcome of your project. Take into account the constraints of your project and the tools you want to utilise. Additionally, there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind while selecting any management software:

  • Price: In terms of project software solutions, several prices could be similar while others will be significantly different from one another. Your project plan, number of clients, and the price of the program you choose all play a role in determining how much it will cost. It’s also a good idea to consider how often you’ll need the program, such as monthly or yearly.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Everyone on your team should be able to access the same information when you’re in control of a project. The scale of your project, the data it includes, and the way through which you intend to fulfil your milestones and share this data with others will decide the kind of software you will require. The degree of sharing and collaboration that a product utilises may be used to determine whether it can meet your communication requirements in a project.
  • Integrations: To ensure that the project management software you choose supports the connection of other sites or applications, consider if project integration is important to your workflow before making a purchase. Disillusionment, poor resource management, and a breakdown in communication may all result if integration isn’t taken into account.
  • Easy to Use: Using project management software, the user is seeking for a solution to increase productivity. The requirement for project management tools that are easy to use or at the very least fast to pick up is clear in software development projects. By employing simple software, you can speed up your process and reduce the amount of time spent on each individual activity. The user interface of a product is a major deciding factor in whether or not you will continue using it.
  • User Count: In the same way that price has an impact on the project’s budget and ultimate product, the number of users will. A project management platform should take into account both the current and future scope of a project. Paying per worker may be necessary for large projects or quick expansion of your firm.
  • Time: A person may argue that time is like money, and just like money, it is vital to use time carefully in order to get the greatest outcomes. Time and the way it is used have a significant impact on project profitability. An important element of project management software is its capacity to assist users in saving time while managing their projects, which in turn allows them to increase their productivity.

Your project’s methods, objectives, and practices are all that matter. In the end, the decision is yours. The phases of your project will help you choose the software to use. When you’re planning your project, don’t choose a software that can’t handle the needs of your project.

Best Project Management Software for Builders

Smart Sheet Review: Best overall Project Management software

Smartsheet has simplified the process of creating a project management spreadsheet. It includes tools to make the task of a project manager simpler, such as flowcharts, report builders, and forms.

The vast bulk of Smartsheet’s capabilities are geared at practical endeavors such as project planning and execution. Businesses may grow quickly using this strategy. Projects and chores may be performed more quickly with a user-friendly interface and flexibility. Using Smartsheet, your measurements and critical data are presented in a visually pleasing manner.

Keeping track of data with Smartsheet may be the most effective method out there. Because it offers an Excel-like user interface, Smartsheet is an excellent tool for managing projects. When dealing with clients, partners, and suppliers, automating timesheets and notifications is essential. Incorporating real-time modifications to your project plan into your communication strategy will help you keep your team informed about the status of your project. Smartsheet allows for the creation of timelines and Gantt charts. Using the calendar view may also help you achieve your objectives faster.

As a result of its real-time task management and user interaction, Smartsheet is a useful tool in the workplace. A dashboard or strategy may create a torrent of reports. Smartsheet add-ons allow you to incorporate third-party programmes, such as Google Workplace, into your workflow.

You may also need abilities in resource management, digital asset management, or portfolio administration in addition to project management. As a result of these enhancements, project managers may now use new capabilities such as time monitoring, extensive reporting, and forward-looking forecasting.

If you’ve ever dealt with Excel, Smartsheet is a breeze to learn. With this programme, you’ll have access to a wide range of choices for viewing your data.

Monday Project Management Review: Most user-friendly is an excellent project management application that will keep your team interested in a fast-paced atmosphere. It may be utilized to keep construction projects afloat, whether they’re already underway or just getting started. It helps you with personnel processing and scheduling, as well as keeping track of assignments and appointments.

If you’re looking for a solution that works for everyone, is a terrific alternative. Along with CRM, it includes capabilities like as task management, project management, accounting, and administrative task monitoring.

Workspaces, teams, boards, items, and subitems are all included in this project management software. The columns may hold a wide range of information. It may add new fields, monitor active projects, and participate in them using the present methods.

The templates on allow you to construct processes without having to start from scratch. The use of templates promotes uniformity and expedites the creation of new documents. offers free project portfolio and team management templates. The templates on may be adjusted to meet any project, no matter how big or little.

Data can be swiftly and simply exchanged across several platforms using applications like Jira, GitHub, and others. To keep track of the project’s progress, data may be placed into the widget’s respective fields. Using a project management system makes it easier to keep track of your project’s timetable and invoices.

Wrike Review: Best invoicing

Wrike helps you to manage document control from start to finish, delivering real-time status updates, dashboard sharing, and uploads and downloads of both designs and construction documents, regardless of where you are in the project.

Wrike is a terrific application for task management and report generation. There are also several excellent dashboards and budgeting solutions available, all of which include features that are simple to use and geared to your individual needs.

With Wrike, you may take on a variety of duties, collaborate on projects with others, and come up with new ideas. Wrike has grown into a sophisticated project management platform that can be used for anything from corporate strategy to individual product development. Employees’ interdepartmental collaboration has improved as communication and file sharing among colleagues has increased.

Wrike is a valuable tool for organisations since it allows them to accomplish a wide range of activities and collaborate on projects with partners. Wrike may be used for a variety of tasks, including product development and project management, as well as leadership efforts. A heightened feeling of effective teamwork has emerged from improved communication and file sharing among users. Due to Wrike’s unique capabilities, businesses can now plan and budget with ease.

ClickUp Review: Most comprehensive

Whilst ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, its inclusion of additional business processes such as marketing, sales, and others results in a more streamlined activity flow that can be monitored in real time via dashboards. To put it another way, ClickUp is highly effective at streamlining business operations, especially for building and construction projects.

ClickUp can assist with compliance, finance, accounting, task delegation and and project management. Creating a task list and a reminder list ensures that you don’t forget anything, whether it’s future goals or funds.

To meet their project management objectives, customers may utilise ClickUp to keep track of every aspect of their online company. This software also supports the use of pop-up reminders and email follow-ups. In terms of convenience, it’s one of the best out there. With everything in one location, it’s much simpler to locate the programmes and tools you need for anything from bookkeeping to website development to marketing to assets. 

The bug tracking, product management, and general app development skills of ClickUp have been highly praised, despite the fact that it is not as well-known as other project management systems. There is a single package that contains most of the tools you will need. Compared to other software, the total cost is much lower. Patches and bug fixes ensure that users are kept up to speed with the newest project management improvements.

Teamwork Review: Most affordable

When it comes to daily task and project planning, the Teamwork Project Platform is a wonderful resource. It’s a powerful tool for managing projects. It has an easy-to-use interface and enables for team communication regardless of where workers are located. Within the project folder, everyone can view the most recent state of each of the projects. Additionally, tasks and subtasks may be created and given to any group member.

Report extraction is also quite accurate and beneficial for every management to monitor outcomes and performance data, and integration is also very straightforward to use and administer.

A variety of pricing choices are available from Teamwork, ranging from free to $18 a month. It’s a win-win situation for the great majority of its customers.

Using collaboration as a flexible platform, organisations may better satisfy the needs of their consumers. As a group, you may work together to make important decisions that will help you achieve your year-long objectives. It’s easy to use because to the basic user interface. In addition, it gives a simple overview without the need for project parameters that are too complicated to understand.

Zoho Review - Honourable Mention

All project information may be managed and tracked precisely using Zoho’s superb database. Compared to its competitors, it is one of the most affordable solutions. QuickBooks and Google applications are just two of the many handy connectors. It also contains an integrated project module, which is very useful for integrating the product into any environment you please.

If you’re looking for a large selection of high-quality connections, Zoho is a great choice. Reliable connections are crucial if you don’t want to centralise all of your processes in this project management programme. This tool offers a wide range of charting options as well as the ability to automate several activities.

For the price, you’re getting a lot and for those searching for an app that is easy to use, this is it. You can also keep track of how long it has been since your last visit.

This is a useful tool for team collaboration, as well as fantastic charting capabilities and the ability to trace a project’s critical path. In addition to changing the themes and other information that appears, you can also design your own user templates for typical tasks. When you choose this tool, you receive free onboarding to assist you learn how to utilise all of the software’s numerous capabilities. Users may easily assign projects and objects to one another.

In addition to its own services, Zoho may be integrated with a variety of other platforms, including Google Drive, Slack and Microsoft Office 365. Everything from invoicing to project tasks to spreadsheets may be easily shared inside this tool thanks to excellent integrations, making it easy to monitor and access all of the features and functionalities of this product. You may save money by signing up for a yearly billing option, which costs $4 per user every month.

Summary - The best project management software for builders

Organizations may benefit greatly from project management software since it enables them to centrally manage all of their projects, promotions, staff, and tasks. Use of project management software is essential for managers and supervisors in order to keep their teams and businesses moving forward.

Smartsheet seems to provide an almost infinite number of options for users to personalise their workplaces. Using Smartsheet’s forms, you can quickly and efficiently collect data from your team. That’s not all; it’s adaptive, versatile, and simple to distribute. Having the flexibility to print many sheets and reports at once, as well as simple alternatives, makes working in groups a lot less stressful.

Here are a few alternatives you might use instead:

Monday Project Management may be used in every department of a corporation, from HR to finance to marketing, manufacturing, and construction. Customized boards and dashboards can keep track of your progress. There is no need for complicated boards or other time-consuming methods to share essential information among workers using


Wrike is a good solution for Project Management because of its numerous complicated features that can be accessed and utilised by its users. It’s an excellent project management tool since its comprehensive and constantly up to date.


It’s easy to organise and schedule work using this project management programme. Teamwork and information sharing are facilitated greatly by using it. A big number of workers can maintain track of their work at all times with this application. Other than the ability to create Wikis, this tool offers other useful integration features not found in any other Wiki-related product at this moment.


Monitoring activities and contractors may both benefit from this approach. To keep track of how much time has been spent, create a single calendar for everyone to view and utilise. This is a useful way to keep track of the project’s progress and make it easy for others to assign tasks and responsibilities to the team members. This organization’s management solutions allow diverse tasks to be tracked using the same user interface.


You can receive a full view of your company’s activity from a single dashboard using all of Zoho’s capabilities, from accounting software to chat plugins. You can access all of Zoho’s applications from a single dashboard if you sign up for a Zoho One subscription.

You’ll save a lot of time if you keep all of your project-related information in one location. Because of the comparison, project management will seem sluggish. The best project management software will make your life a whole lot easier.

In order to ensure that your construction projects are completed to the highest possible quality, you may thoroughly evaluate each of these programmes before making your final purchase decision.

Project management software for builders FAQs

Why is project management software important?

Project management software is very helpful to track all of the steps of the projects that you are managing. You will be able to see all of the stages and steps of your project as well as the tasks that have to be completed within each stage when you use this kind of software. This is an important product for project management because everyone working on the project will be able to see everything they need to know about it at a glance. Being able to create shared timelines, calendars and tasks can be very helpful for any kind of project.

What are the uses of project management software?

This kind of software tool is made to help businesses and groups track tasks, timelines, calendar activities, and more in one location. Project management tools help large groups to collaborate more effectively and to maintain communication during all of the stages of the tasks that need to be done for a job. These kinds of tools can also help with invoicing and billing and they can help with communication with vendors and freelancers.

What are the types of software management for projects?

Most project management software tools are designed to track deadlines and work that a group is sharing. This can mean that freelancers, vendors, and other external workers can use the tool as well as internal team members. The other kind of software tool for this need is one that allows for invoicing along with project timeline management and team collaboration. Most of these tools will be made to offer all of the same features but invoicing and time management tools are typically only included in some of these softwares.

What are the main characteristics of software for project management?

These softwares are made to offer timeline management tools, task creation, and management tools, project widgets that allow for document links and uploads to be shared, and they offer shared calendars. The best of these tools will also allow invoicing and billing management. You will be able to track every kind of action that is needed for your project to be a success.

What are the types of activities in project management?

Project management requires sharing information with other team members and as a project manager, you must be sure that every aspect of your project is completed correctly and on time. Project management also requires invoicing and billing and work with freelancers and external workers of all kinds. The right project management software will make it possible to track all of these activities with ease in one location. Being able to share all the relevant information and timelines for a project in one location is critical to its success.

What are the Key Features of Project Management Software?

Project management software offers all the tools and features that are needed to manage a project with ease. You will get access to shared calendars, timelines that help track deadlines, sharing locations that allow for link sharing, access sharing, and document downloads. You will also get chat and discussion functionality that allows for everyone to talk about who needs to do what within each task. Task creation and management is also a part of these tools and with some of these softwares you can even track invoicing and billing.

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