How To Get Clients as a Freelance Artist

Being an artist can be a thankless profession. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few professions that people recommend you don’t pick up. Most people claim making money as an artist is unrealistic, but this isn’t true. To prosper as an artist, you need patience and persistence. But how do you get and retain clients as a freelance artist? Let’s read on to find out more.

Market on Social Media

Getting your first clients is hard, so take advantage of every avenue you can to market yourself. You’re putting yourself at a seriousdisadvantage if you aren’t using social media to promote yourself. Most people are on at least one social media platform, so you need to figure out your target demographic and market on that site.

Facebook generally appeals to the older crowd. TikTok and Instagram are both used by Gen Z and millennials respectively, and just about everyone uses Twitter—though millennials are highly represented here.

Who does your art appeal to? Create a page for your business and market yourself on the platform that most of your potential clients use. This is one of the best tips we can give you for getting clients or creating a successful art print business.

Use Word of Mouth

Old-fashioned word of mouth will take you further than you’d expect. People appreciate a handshake and eye contact. Luckily, it’s not difficult to use word of mouth to market your services. Slip the fact that you’re available for commissions into conversations. Go to networking events and seminars. These will enrich you as an artist and take your advertising to the next level, as networking tends to do. Verbally spreading the word about your services is a great way to get clients as a freelance artist.

Have a Clear, Up-to-Date Portfolio

Having an up-to-date portfolio is essential to having a thriving clientele. It could be the catalyst that catapults your business to success. If you don’t have a body of work to show potential clients, what exactly are you going to be marketing? Once you’ve created your portfolio, remember to update your work regularly. Get a website where you can showcase your work. It forms the foundation of your business and helps you craft your visual aesthetic to fit your audience’s needs. If you keep your portfolio current and use these other marketing tips, you’ll have a thriving clientele in no time.

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Written by Dianne Pajo

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