Understanding the Main Components of GMPs

GMP is an acronym for “good manufacturing practice,” which provides standards for various industries to follow during manufacturing. Manufacturers think of the main components of GMPs as the “five P’s.”

Manufacturers must follow these practices to adhere to the guidelines and keep their certification.


Every business needs to hire qualified staff to keep the company operating correctly. All team members need to understand GMP compliance and follow the guidelines. Train employees in proper labeling, record keeping, sanitation, and equipment handling. It will take time and money, but following the GMP standards ensures your business stays compliant.


All companies need to provide proper documentation and follow the procedures during manufacturing. Auditors regularly inspect facilities and labs to ensure you’re following and documenting GMP procedures. To pass an audit, you must keep all documentation. No matter how intricate the process is, all details need documentation.


Products refer to the materials needed to create a product. GMP standards require every product to follow specific formulas throughout the entire manufacturing process. No deviations are allowed. These standards ensure little to no flaws occur with the end product.


Procedures and processes go hand in hand when it comes to GMP standards. When a company is undergoing an audit, the inspectors will scrutinize their operations.

To ensure companies follow the latest technologies, they must revisit procedures. Outdated technology could cause a business to fail a GMP certification. Ensure your employees understand the procedures they’re following to maintain GMP compliance.


Your facility needs proper maintenance and sanitation to provide safe conditions for all employees. This maintenance includes proper storage and routine cleaning.

These measures should offer consistent results, prep for timely repairs, and reduce the probability of equipment failure. There should be little to no product variations. This protects consumers, patients, and your staff from operational problems.

Different industries follow GMP guidelines to provide customers with consistent products and services. The main components of GMP offer strict standards for various industries to follow. It’s important to understand that the five elements don’t vary.

Written by Dianne Pajo

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