5 Smart Tips For Moving In A Smaller Apartment

January 25, 2022

The difference in prices between a studio apartment or a big house in an urban area is huge! Whether you are looking to rent the property or buy it, the price difference is definitely going to make you rethink your decision and with the facilities being provided in the newly built apartment complexes, it’s only wise to choose the apartment life. Make sure that you do due diligence and check out the rental market trends in El Paso, Texas.

Having made the decision of moving into a new apartment, the biggest problem that will disturb most double-story homeowners is the wealth of furniture and clutter they have gathered over the years. Understandably, it would be difficult to let go of a lot of things due to their emotional importance but downsizing is essential to moving into a smaller apartment.

So, let’s get working and prepare you and your belongings for a smaller apartment!

1. Deal With Your Appliances

First things first, if you get the big things out of your way first then the process will become much easier. Kitchens in apartments are definitely smaller than the ones in houses so everything has to be downsized accordingly.

However, appliances are a crucial part of any house so rather than getting rid of them or downsizing them you need to find the right appliances for your space.

A dishwasher drawer is one such option, you can do a single or double drawer depending on your needs. Similarly, a microwave drawer will save space on the counter and fulfill its purpose as well. An interesting find is televisions that now double as pieces of art and even mirrors! You should definitely look into that if you don’t have a lot of space

2. Plan Before You Pack

Planning is the first and foremost step of anything whether you have to renovate or relocate. If you don’t plan, you end up wasting money and time. So, you need to have a clear shifting and downsizing strategy.

Some people like to go room by room and others prefer things like packing up all the clothes around the house and so on. Going room by room should be the preferred method if you have adults around, each one should be responsible for their own room and for taking out their own clutter. This clutter may include a lot of good things which you can sell in a garage sale and get yourself some extra cash. Nonetheless, use this time to question yourself and why you need each of these items, and only then would you be ready to pack for a smaller apartment.

3. Take Measurements In Advance

Nobody wants to move into an apartment with a sofa set that takes up all the space in their lounge or a bed that hardly fits. So, make sure you visit your new apartment before permanently moving in and take proper measurements.

If your current furniture is not suitable for this space we recommend selling your old furniture and picking up some new pieces for your apartment. Don’t forget your wardrobe and kitchen cupboards so that you have an idea of the kind of things you will be able to fit in there. You can also measure the spaces given for electric appliances especially ovens and refrigerators so you can get rid of those appliances in time as well.

4. Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

I’m sure that if you’re moving from a big house to a small apartment you may have to sell your old furniture. While you are getting new furniture, look for the pieces that have disguised storage space.

Storage drawers underneath your bed or storage space in the arm of your sofa will allow you to hide a lot of things and save space in your closets and shelves too! Footrests and ottomans are very common storage furniture pieces that can allow you to store anything from newspapers to blankets.

Make sure when you buy such furniture you don’t compromise on quality and do consult the manufacturer about how much weight your under-bed storage drawers will actually be able to take. You have to also choose which among your stockpots you should carry along with you.

5. Optimize And Organize Storage Spaces

The key to living in a smaller apartment is being quick and effective. Before you move in, thoroughly examine your new apartment or have a professional take a look and try to find new ways to maximize space! Be more accommodating to open shelving and plan your decoration around it as well.

Start making up space vertically. The often ignored idea of a ceiling-to-floor cabinet in your kitchen and bedroom is actually going to give you loads of space. You can also use hanging racks to store your pans and pots in the kitchen. While you work on making full use of the given space just know that you will have to give up your old ways of just throwing things in a cupboard and will actually have to keep them organized if you want your small apartment to actually look clean and good!

If all else fails, get in touch with a trusted storage company and think about storing some of your lesser-used items in this storage area; however, this won’t be an effective remedy if you actually plan on living in an apartment long-term.

Plan wisely, plan ahead, and don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment!

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