Amsterdam’s Innovative Startups Pioneering the 3D Printing Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands, popularly known as the start-up hub of Europe, is increasingly becoming a haven for innovative businesses in the 3D printing industry. As the use of 3D printing technology continues to grow in sectors ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, Amsterdam-based start-ups are rapidly emerging as game-changers in this revolutionary field. This article highlights some of the most noteworthy 3D printing start-ups that have been founded in Amsterdam since 2020, exploring their business models, products, and services, and the unique value they bring to the market.


Founded by Bram de Zwart, Brian Garret and Filemon Schöffer, Hubs is a disruptive player in the custom parts manufacturing industry, offering a platform that connects customers to a global network of manufacturing services. From 3D printing to CNC machining, they support a variety of production methods. They boast the credentials of having produced over 7 million parts and their services are now available worldwide, post their acquisition by Protolabs.


MX3D, a brainchild of Gijs Van Der Velden and Tim Geurtjens, pioneers the use of large scale robotic 3D printing technology. The company’s offering is a turnkey solution, integrating sensors, software, robots and welding equipment into one product. With its innovative use of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing techniques, MX3D is transforming the automotive, construction, and robotics industries among others.


At the helm of sustainable 3D printing, Reflow, co-founded by Jasper Middendorp, Lyndsey Lewis, Rahul Mehendiratta, and Ronan Hayes, is dedicated to producing 3D printing materials from waste. With a focus on small-scale production, Reflow is not only preventing further plastic pollution, but also promoting an inclusive international network for recyclers and waste collectors.


Alewijn Medendorp and Stefan Rink co-founded Am-Flow which is making waves in the manufacturing sector of 3D printing. Further information about their products and services is not available at the moment.


Founded by Willem-Jan Van Loon, beamler specialises in operational enhancement within the 3D printing industry. They offer a range of 3D printing solutions for their clients, accelerating growth and facilitating large-scale 3D printing.


Fusedbone is a medical technology company contributing to the healthcare sector’s adaptation of 3D printing. Founded by Navid Ardakanian, its unique proposition is the production of affordable, custom-made, non-metal prosthetic implants that match the patient’s specific anatomy.


Co-Founded by Cecile van der Waal, Chris ter Beke, Douwe Bart Mulder, and Remco Katz, Printr provides a platform offering 3D print rent service, delivery service, and a remote 3D printer control dashboard thereby bringing easy 3D printing solutions for customers, designers and printers.

Maestro Media Group B.V.

Founded by Alessio Florio, Alex-Bogdan Leuştean, Elina Jacobsen, and Joanne Watson, Maestro Media Group B.V. leverages 3D printing among other services in their consulting, digital marketing, webs development practices.


Determined to democratize design and 3D printing production, Zazzy, co-founded by Gert Jan Spriensma, Martijn van der Veen, and Rob Draaijer, provides a platform, where anyone can customize and order jewelry that is 3D printed with professional-grade printers.

Leapfrog 3D Printers

Founded in Amstedram, Leapfrog 3D Printers is pioneering the manufacture of high-tech 3D printing techniques and materials catering to a variety of sectors including education, architects,retailers,and engineers.


Founded by Floor Van Wersch, MacroCad integrates 3D Printing, CAD and Document Management to provide specialized software solutions.

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