Beijing’s Innovative Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Landscape

February 7, 2024

The Beijing startup ecosystem is rich and diverse, featuring many innovative businesses from a range of industries. This article shines a spotlight on a special group of startups in the field of 3D printing who are carving out their own niche within this bustling metropolitan hub. With pioneering technology and inventive ideas, these startups are on course to make a significant impact not only in China, but on a global scale. Inception year 2020 and later, these companies are centered in Beijing and are already re-defining the 3D printing industry norms.

A rapid advancement in 3D Printing technology is redefining industrial and manufacturing processes, with applications in areas from aerospace engineering to health care. These startups demonstrate the diverse array of applications for 3D printing technology and how it’s changing the way we manufacture, prototype, and design products.

The selected companies have defied uncertainties and challenges to innovate in a cutting-edge industry. Let’s delve into each unique startup and understand how they are revolutionizing the 3D printing industry from Beijing.


Founded by Zhifeng Yao in 2016, LuxCreo is at the forefront of large-scale 3D printing, covering software, hardware, and materials. Designing 3-dimensional objects by adding material layer by layer from a CAD model, this global leader continues to make an impact in the 3D printing domain. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


QBEAM specializes in offering an assortment of equipment series products including printing size, printing materials, multi-gun control technology, and online monitoring technology. Catering to diverse fields such as aerospace, medical, energy, and drilling, QBEAM is truly enhancing the hardware aspect of 3D printing.

Beijing Tiertime Technology

Beijing Tiertime Technology co-founded by Dr. Allen Guo, is China’s first 3D printer manufacturer pushing China’s entry into the additive manufacturing age. Thier technology led to the personal 3D printing explosion as it made professional technology accessible to future inventors and product creators. Reach them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Established by Dongri Tong and Wentao Chu, DATUI LABS is merging the world of manufacturing and printing. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Yixuan Shijing in 2015, 3DEMOO is an online collaborative trading platform for CG (Computer Graphics) creation and production. The company symbolizes the convergence of CG production talents in China making full use of human resources in animation, games, video advertising, and 3D printing.

Quantum Technologies

An AR cloud recognition and sensing technology developer, Quantum Technologies focuses on bringing astronomical science to the masses via AR technology integrated with 3D printing science model for STEM education.

China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp

China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp is a key player in the 3D printing and manufacturing sector.

AK Medical Holdings Ltd.

Founded by Chaoyang Zhang, AK Medical Holdings Ltd. is a major medical device company that has brought the 3D-printing technology in orthopedic joint and spine replacement implants in China. A significant player in the Chinese orthopedic joint implant market, AK Medical designs, develops, and markets orthopedic implants, mainly focusing on hip and knee replacement implants.

uCRobotics Technology

uCRobotics Technology focuses on 3D printing solutions, 3D printing service, intelligent robot, etc. This Hi-tech company is making a mark in the 3D printing and Robotic industry with its technology development and product promotion initiatives.


Click is a unique enterprise having developed a customized bracket-free appliance, combining computer science, biomechanics, clinical stomatology, 3D printing technology, and materials science to remotely provide one-to-one orthodontic plan design.

Yuding Additive

Yuding Additive concentrates on additive manufacturing (3D printing), surface engineering, and high-performance new materials, showcasing the rich potential and innovative capabilities the 3D printing industry possesses.

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