Brilliant Startup Ideas For Education Graduates

May 13, 2022

Startups keep booming across all sectors. The most important factors enabling this boom are opportunity and viable ideas. The education sector has numerous opportunities that can be leveraged for revenue. Using these opportunities using ideas demands a thorough understanding of the industry, its challenges, and the most viable solutions. It also means you get the upper hand with your education degree. Here are seven interesting startup ideas for those with a degree in education.

Tutoring Students

The delivery of information is fast evolving across all levels. Today, teachers aren’t the only source of information. Students can rely on the internet for significant information to advance their academics. This has led to an increase in the consumption of online content.

To be part of this growth, you can launch a startup that delivers information to students in your immediate community or a specific target market. Though you should ensure you have the necessary qualification before you get your business off the ground. For instance, you can enroll on a masters in education distance learning programme. This will set you apart from the competitors and will look good in the credentials section of your teacher’s profile. These qualifications will also convince students of your skills and experience in the education industry.

The tutoring business can move beyond your efforts, inviting other teachers to trade their skills online for revenue. However, your education degree should give you enough insights on what to expect from these teachers and how to organize them to produce optimum results for your student clients.

Teaching Your Hobby

Your education degree gives you enough background on how to share knowledge with all kinds of audiences. You may have covered courses including creative pedagogy, educational philosophy, psychology, and so on. These topics allow education degree holders to go into active teaching. But what you decide to teach is dependent on your specialization and your interest.

You can apply your teaching skills if you have a hobby that many people would love to learn, for example, playing the flute. You can set up a mobile-friendly website or mobile app, advertising it to people interested in learning the instrument. They book, you teach – you’ll be filling a gap and practicing your education career simultaneously.

Creating Educational Resources

Developing lesson plans is a mainstay in a teacher’s day-to-day life. Teachers worldwide use these plans as guides to deliver their lessons to teachers. They then submit these plans to authorities for regular checks.

Sometimes it’s frustrating for teachers to keep up with these deliverables and they’ll pay to have that burden cleared off their shoulders. Enter your degree in education. For the most part, academics and policymakers are the stakeholders in charge of establishing guidelines for educational institutions.

This can be an opportunity to disrupt the sector by selling lesson notes for teachers. Your startup can even enter into different markets if you have significant information about international syllabus options.

Training Teachers

The aim of this next business idea is to train teachers on the best practices in managing their class sizes, keeping up with students’ needs, and so on. Training teachers should be a business model you can pitch to financiers because of its repetitive nature. Teachers need to be consistent with knowledge demands and with your degree in education, you’re better equipped to facilitate research about current and future knowledge demands than others.

Clients can contact your business in many capacities. It can be a Teacher’s Association seeking to enrich its membership’s knowledge base or the government sector seeking to do the same.

What your business will train these teachers on will be based on the client’s requests. For instance, you can get a specific request to train teachers on a new curriculum or generate your manual to usher teachers back to school after COVID-19.

Educational Research Services Firm

The educational sector is a large industry. The United States alone has over four million public and private teachers. Over 18 million students graduate from senior high school each year ready for tertiary. Statista also reports that 15 million tertiary students graduate each year ready for the job market.

So there is always something happening in the educational sector that needs looking into. Several questions need answers, like how is the sector setting up new graduates for success? How reflective are these graduation numbers of the several races and income groups across the country?

All these are ways you can put your degree in education to use. Your research services can focus heavily on a particular part of the educational sector, like gender parity. Your firm can gain traction faster by focusing on a specific niche than capturing the generalized market.

Consulting Services For Educational Institutions

If you have a lot of experience in the educational sector to share, creating a consultancy can be a good idea. You can trade your experiences and insights for several educational stakeholders, from school administration to education trust fund boards.

Your consultancy can make its mark in the industry as a think tank and you can publish periodicals featuring your research and analysis of current happenings. With your experience and future-orientation, you’ll become indispensable to educational policymakers.

Homeschooling Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted brick-and-mortar methods of educational delivery. Many schools have added online classes to their schedules as they work out a feasible model for students.

There’s no doubt that many parents still have reservations about some curriculums. Are teachers dishing out educational resources relevant to their children’s needs? Are students learning at their own pace? These are a few ways parents question many education service providers. Hence, many parents look for tutors that offer homeschooling services.

It also goes without saying that keeping up with current educational demands isn’t getting any easier by the day for students. The expectations from tutors are numerous and can be frustrating for students.

There’s another issue driving the demand for homeschooling – parents’ mobility. Some parents move around frequently because of their work arrangements, disrupting their education schedules. All these can be areas your homeschooling services can look into to generate clients.

All in all, the educational sector going into the future has endless possibilities. Your degree in education can be a gold mine, and these seven ways are more than enough proof.

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