Clustr: Your Crypto Portfolio’s New Best Friend!

July 10, 2023

The financial landscape has been forever changed by the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Today, navigating this thrilling, yet sometimes overwhelming space, is about to become a whole lot easier with the introduction of Clustr.

Clustr: A Beacon in the Crypto Fog

As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream attention, the amount of information (and misinformation) available to potential investors can be daunting. Clustr, the brainchild of Tim Cherkasov, provides a much-needed lens to clearly visualize and comprehend this complex world.

Crypto Investing, Simplified

Unlike traditional financial markets where companies undergo years of scrutiny before going public, the Web3 domain operates differently. Here, anyone can list a cryptocurrency within a handful of days, making due diligence a challenging task.

Further complicating things is the fact that a staggering 65% of crypto investors don’t fully understand what they’re investing in. While crypto investments can offer true ownership and control of your assets, they also come with their fair share of risks.

That’s where Clustr steps in.

Portfolio Ratings: A Reality Check for Your Crypto Investments

Clustr’s cornerstone feature is its robust portfolio rating system, utilizing over 80 diverse metrics. This is your much-needed reality check, identifying underperforming coins and potential scams while evaluating risk assessments for specific projects. By leveraging big data, Clustr simplifies your investment process, eliminating the need for countless hours of painstaking research.

Real-Time Health Alerts: Never Miss a Beat

In addition to a comprehensive rating system, Clustr offers real-time health alerts. These actionable insights help investors stay on top of their portfolio’s performance, providing guidance on how to improve their portfolio score and manage risk effectively.

Discover Hidden Gems Across the Market

In the vast crypto landscape, finding a diamond in the rough can be a Herculean task. Clustr simplifies this by uncovering hidden gems tailored to your interests and investment style across 30 market sectors. With Clustr, staying ahead of the game and spotting promising opportunities has never been easier.

Personalized Risk Profile: Your Crypto Roadmap

The platform lets you personalize your risk profile, allowing you to implement industry best practices, and avoid common rookie mistakes. With Clustr, you’re not just investing; you’re growing and learning simultaneously.

Experienced Leadership: A Guide in the Wilderness

Led by industry veterans with extensive experience in Web3, DeFi, and traditional finance (TradFi), Clustr combines a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This proficiency in the ever-evolving crypto space instills confidence and trust in Clustr’s capabilities, positioning it as a reliable guide in the crypto wilderness.

Free Access: Elevate Your Crypto Journey Today

The icing on the cake? As a token of appreciation for the Product Hunt community, Clustr is offering free, lifetime access for those who register before August. Yes, you read that right – free forever!

In a world where crypto scams and unpredictable market behavior are all too common, Clustr serves as a reliable companion, providing the tools and insights needed for smarter and safer crypto investments.

Embark on your journey to becoming a better crypto investor with Clustr – the new reality check for your crypto portfolio. Discover the world of crypto like never before and see your portfolio grow and evolve with this innovative platform.

Visit Clustr’s website today and join the quest to take your crypto portfolio to the next level!

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