Common Myths About Industrial Machine Lubrication

October 4, 2022
Common Myths About Industrial Machine Lubrication

The industrial sector has plenty of startup opportunities for people with entrepreneurial spirits. However, succeeding in this field requires a vast knowledge of equipment maintenance to keep your operations running and your clients happy.

Falling victim to misconceptions is one of the worst ways to begin your startup. Believing common myths about industrial machine lubrication will cost you money and reputation. Give yourself a solid foundation by debunking these lies early.

False: Machine Lubrication is a Minor Concern

Many people think that proper lubrication is a minor concern. After all, oil and grease go a long way, right? The truth is that improper lubrication can have severe consequences that are disastrous to your operations.

For example, beginner gearbox maintenance processes say that you must often check for leaks in oil reservoirs. Allowing your fluids to get low will lead to corrosion and other detrimental effects on internal components. If you want to avoid partial and total breakdowns, make lubrication a top priority.

False: Anyone Can Lubricate Industrial Equipment

It’s tempting to take on as many maintenance tasks as possible to reduce spending, especially when your industrial startup is new. Lubricating equipment seems easy enough to do on your own. In reality, this line of thinking is a common myth about industrial machine lubrication.

Since there are so many brands, consistencies, and quality levels on the market, equipment lubrication is a complex process. Using the wrong lubricants or incorrect amounts may lead to irreversible damage. Consult with a professional to uphold the integrity of your most essential machines.

False: Skipping Lubrication Is an Easy Way To Save Money

So many inexperienced entrepreneurs in the industrial sector skip the lubrication process entirely. They fail to see how a small amount of liquid plays a massive role in their workflow. Thinking you can skimp on machine lubrication to save money is a misconception worth debunking.

Think about it like this: an unlubricated machine, like a motor or generator, will degrade until it breaks. Now, you’re spending tons of money on repairs and replacements. You’re also wasting time fixing your equipment when you could be producing.

Basic maintenance knowledge, like the importance of machine lubrication, will help your startup work more efficiently. Give your business a competitive edge by learning everything you can about your industry.

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