Contributing Article Guidelines

Note: Please ensure you read this page thoroughly before submitting a guest posting application.

Interested in contributing to a rapidly growing startup business community?

Startup Pill is a rapidly expanding startup business magazine. We are continuously seeking contributions from business bloggers, business journalists, and writers with stories of startup success. Before you delve into guest posting on Startup Pill, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with our straightforward guidelines to maximize the chance of your post being accepted.

What Is Startup Pill?

Startup Pill Magazine is a ‘Digital Community’ focused on the global startup market. We concentrate on businesses, startups, and innovations.

Here are some reasons to contribute to Startup Pill:

  • We reach over 50,000 readers monthly.
  • Startup Pill is among the fastest expanding startup business communities.

Building and maintaining Startup Pill has been a substantial endeavor, so we expect guest posts to be of high quality.

How Can I Contribute An Article To Startup Pill?

To become a regular contributor at Startup Pill, there are several points to consider. Follow these tips to guide your contribution.

  • Visit the Startup Pill homepage to understand the type of content we publish, the article layout, and our writing style.
  • Prioritize content that is high-quality and adds value for our readers.
  • Contributions to Startup Pill should offer genuine value to our audience.

We are always open to content on the following topics. If your article idea differs, don’t hesitate to pitch it – our editors will review and let you know if we can publish it.

  • Micro and Macro Business
  • Startups
  • Innovation

Article Quality – Articles must be at least 1000 words and thoroughly cover the topic. Quality is our primary criterion for guest post acceptance.

Self Promotion – We accept authentic contributions and backlink to relevant sources. Guest posts representing businesses will be marked as sponsored and include a link to the business.

Copyright – We honor original work. Plagiarizing or copying articles will lead to article removal and a ban from further contributions. Submitting an article to Startup Pill grants us copyright to the content.

Comments – Guest authors are expected to respond to comments on their articles to maintain quality and establish themselves as industry experts.

Guest Posting on Startup Pill

If you’ve reviewed the guidelines and wish to submit a post, here’s how you can proceed.

Note: There may be a nominal processing fee for guest posts, covering editorial and hosting expenses.

Email: [email protected]

Email Subject: Guest Posting on Startup Pill

Email Content: Proposed titles, content outline.