Best Startup Business Ideas for Students

April 29, 2022

Students, like no one else, need extra money or even big cash. Therefore, they traditionally make it both by the head and physical labor. Coming up with a successful business idea for a startup is a difficult task for an aspiring entrepreneur, especially when it seems that all required ideas have already been implemented, and there is no chance to start a new project. As practice shows, today it is possible to achieve success by adding a unique and lucrative idea to an old offering, thereby improving existing products on the market.

Here we have listed several ideas for those students who are eager to start working and earning a buck while studying.

Tutoring Services

There are many ideas for the students who would like to share their knowledge and impart wisdom in the field of education. They might turn to tutoring, coaching, writing papers, and translations. Of course, it takes a high level of academic excellence to be able to offer such services, since this is a kind of work where a lot of knowledge is needed. If you feel like helping your colleagues to get better results-organize study sessions, or even group sessions. This will influence their level and make it better, and you get a great chance to revise everything and make some money. You might even create a learning platform or a club.

Merch Sale

As a student, you can design and sell apparel and accessories with school/university branded labels (using existing branded item companies). Before starting this kind of business, you need to agree on this with the dean.

To get started, you should buy classic white shirts with a free cut (suitable for both girls and guys), T-shirts (for sports), and ties. Do not forget about the badges that are in the greatest demand – this product should attract not only newly-minted “freshmen” but also graduates who want to buy something for themselves or their friends as a keepsake.

Earning on the Internet

Your start may be organized online. You can create your blog, where you will review a set of goods and advertise your university. People will enjoy flipping through your page. It can also bring low profit. You can initiate events that may be of interest to potential viewers. Your audience will grow and you will receive a good reward. You will be able to provide a list of offers that will be interesting to a particular person. You can be making money and focus on learning.

The internet has given us one more opportunity to make money. You can use it to learn about trading and investments. Online broking is very popular these days. Start investing as a college student because it is a great idea to raise your capital. After all, this is one of the most profitable jobs, and it is well-respected in the sphere of business. In order to successfully manage this activity it might be a good idea to visit some workshop or buy several video lessons on the topic.

Taking advantage of the Internet also offers a vast specter of other jobs a student might do. If they are skillful enough, it is possible to try development and design of sites and optimization. Having good command of language allows the students to do administration and moderation of social media, copyright/rewriting.Public relations agencies are usually prone to hiring students for similar positions, as they are smart enough to do this, and these jobs can be done anytime the students are free.

Content Creation

If you are active on social media you might have seen many business pages on different platforms. For example, having an active account on Instagram these days works even better than giving away business cards on the streets. The owners of these businesses are often in search of somebody who would take pictures of their employers in the process of work. They might need a person who is eager to write a post and take a photo, create insta-stories and post them online. Some people would even send the person their products in order to take photos. Doing this kind of job doesn’t necessarily require being a professional photographer, but it sure means that you will have a lot of fun going to different interesting places with your camera or phone. It is a perfect start for a career in digital marketing.

Setting Up and Maintaining Gadgets

Among the necessary personal qualities of an entrepreneur there are perseverance, love for modern gadgets, as well as sociability. Initial capital for this idea is minimal: a computer connected to the Internet, where you can be able to see instructions for any gadget, as well as a small, well-lit personal room. New users need technical assistance in understanding the functionality of smartphones, and tablets, setting up all the options/features available in them, as well as installing additional programs.

Therefore, the basis of the service that a student might provide to customers is:

  • sticking a protective film on the screen of the gadget. For tablets – the price is higher due to the large screen size;
  • initial setup, which includes instructing the user about all the features of his gadget;
  • advanced users always want to improve their device somehow, add or replace existing applications and games in it;
  • assistance in registering a user account in online stores so that later the client could download the necessary content for himself.

The cost of services can start from a few dollars for installing one program or higher for complex services. This can also become a basis for a permanent business.

Graphic Design Services

If you are one of those people who are skillful in a creative way, you might use an opportunity to make a profession out of it. Learning how to use some special software isn’t difficult, but it would help you to get started. It is possible to create different types of logos for new companies or you can work with packaging, flyers and leaflets. Some business accounts and bloggers might need your help with creating designs for an Instagram page or some other platforms. It often happens that new businesses don’t have enough money to hire the design team. That’s why there won’t be any shortage of clients. This kind of work is a perfect way to put your talent and skills to good use.


Modern days offer plenty of possibilities to those who are ready to start working. If you are one of them-remember a few recommendations. Your business requires no less discipline than work for hire. Moving forward is impossible without a goal and specifics – set goals for the day, month, year, etc. You should discard perfectionism: it is better to launch a non-perfect product on the market and quickly refine it in the process than to outperform competitors and sacrifice the opportunity to earn money. It is important to analyze everything at each stage. Following these simple rules will bring you to success sooner or later. And even if you face failures from time to time, it is not a problem. It just means you need to stand up and continue moving. You will never get everything from doing nothing.

About the Author

Roberta Johnson is a business lecturer at the department of innovations and technology. She is also a writer at PapersOwl where her opinions have influenced a new generation of student businessmen to create great things. Roberta uses her work with the students and her media platforms to spread awareness about new possibilities for young people and how they and their ideas are useful to the community business. Her scientific research in the field has been published in many academic journals.

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