Cosy House Collection – A Startup Profile 

March 31, 2021

Cosy House Collection is the bed sheet and home living startup based in the US. The eCommerce business launched in 2014 with a promise to offer high-quality bamboo bed sheets, pillowcases and other luxury bedroom items, but without the expensive mark-ups that you get from high street retailers.

With packaging and distribution in Florida and Nevada, the bamboo products are easily shipped wherever you are based in the States and they can be with you in just a couple of days after ordering.

More and more households are adopting bamboo products into the sleep routine – and it comes with many advantages over traditional cotton sheets. This includes the breathability of bamboo, which makes it nice and cooling for those hot summer nights. It is naturally antibacterial and very strong for whatever the circumstances – so it is likely to last you for many years.

When it comes to bamboo bed sheets and pillows too, many customers benefit from the hypoallergenic qualities – helping those that get stuffy noses, asthma and hay fever to breathe easier when they sleep.

Cosy House Collection’s bamboo sheets come with a thread count of 1,000 TC or if based on grams per square meter (GSM), they have a higher GSM than the majority of competitors on the market – hence they have received over 3,000 positive reviews.

Cosy House are always driving their business online and it is common to see their ads pop up on your Instagram or Facebook feeds.

There are some other cool features on the website, especially the popular ‘spin and win.’ When the wheel pops up on the website, just spin the wheel and you could potentially receive a discount or a free item with your next order!

The brand is conscious about the ongoing battle that Americans have with their sleep. Whether it is due to too much caffeine, stress from work or over-usage of blue light coming from their smartphones, we are all not getting enough sleep or the quality is much poorer than before.

Cosy House acknowledges this and recognises the importance of a good sleep environment to help deliver the best quality sleep possible – and using bamboo is a step in the right direction, with a luxury pack including a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two standard pillowcases starting from $59.95.

Other popular items on their catalogue include fabric softener pacs, contemporary rugs for the living room and linen spray.

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