Creative Ways Nonprofits Can Raise Money This Summer

June 9, 2023
Creative Ways Nonprofits Can Raise Money This Summer

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the summer shenanigans to begin. If you’re excited about the fun marketing opportunities within the warmer months, you’re not alone. For those with a nonprofit, you can raise money this year in many ways. By educating the community on your cause and hosting a fun event, you can win the hearts of many—and gain support!

Take advantage of school being out, lenient work scheduling, and visitors looking for fun activities! Here are a few creative ways nonprofit organizations can raise money this summer.

Host a Summer Fair

A great way to keep the fun vibes going is by partnering with other organizations and local businesses to bring a fair to town. Have local food vendors, small games and toys, rides, and performances from local artists to encourage the community to come out. You can charge for tickets and admission; all proceeds can go to your cause.

Mural Art Festival and Contest

Another great way to fundraise for your nonprofit is to host a summer art festival and allow artists to paint a community mural. By partnering with your city’s government, you could add art to the side of a building or retention wall that can be admired for years and years. Ask local artists to donate to participate in creating a mural for the community. While the festival is free, you can encourage attendees to contribute to your cause by bringing art materials and tools or donating cash.

Cook Out or BBQ Dinner Contest

The ultimate summer fest is a cookout or BBQ cook-off. Turn up the music, heat the grill, and bring on the good vibes. Feeding the community with delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and other delicious foods for a small donation is a great way to raise money. You can even add that if someone donates a certain amount, they can get a cut of sirloin or a pound of brisket (which are great cuts for large groups!). This event can also help build bridges between the community and improve business relationships.

Community Fundraising Scavenger Hunt

For family fun, you should host the ultimate scavenger hunt. This activity is an exciting way to educate people about your organization and mission statement. Allow families to explore your city and find new gems by leaving clues around the community. Get other businesses to participate so scavengers can look to them for clues or sweet treats. When people see all the clues, they can get a small prize or a discount from a participating business.

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