Day Job Not Covering The Cost Of Living? Try These 10 Digital Options To Make Extra Money

November 25, 2022

With inflation on the rise and wages shrinking, more and more people are looking for money-making opportunities outside of their day jobs. Fortunately, tech makes this even easier than ever before to achieve and provides plenty of options that can work around current commitments. Some people even find that their side gigs take over and become their primary income, offering better monetary rewards and work-life balance than traditional employment.

To make the best of the money-making options out there, you’ll need to consider all areas of your life. Transport costs, housing, banking and grocery shopping can leave you with extra cash in your wallet at the end of the month, so you’ll need to take a holistic approach to see the most significant returns.

Buy Some Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds can be a good investment for anyone with some money saved up. Each pound invested in Premium Bonds enters you into a prize draw with winnings between a few thousand and a million. They offer one of the highest chances of winning a prize, and unlike other lotteries, you won’t lose your entry money when you invest.

It is important to remember that there is no interest gained on savings in Premium Bonds, so it is best not to put all your savings into them, as money invested in Premium Bonds will lose value over time due to inflation. Instead, consider starting with a smaller amount and investing in more whenever you get the opportunity.

Take Online Surveys

There are countless online surveys available nowadays that can earn you some extra spending money. This is not an option that will ever be able to replace your day job, but it can help with the costs of daily living. Many surveys, including YouGov and Ipsos, pay survey participants in vouchers for popular digital shops like Amazon. It is important to know that it can take some time to complete enough surveys for a decently sized payout.

Sell Things On eBay

eBay is the most popular online buying and selling marketplace around. If you have a lot of clothes and other items you don’t use much anymore, consider selling them on eBay rather than sending them to the donation bin or recycling centre. This can be particularly beneficial for people with lots of unwanted designer or collectors’ items, as these can fetch a reasonable price on the right marketplace.

Teach English Online

Teaching English online is another excellent option that you can fit around your day job. There are many social media platforms and organisations dedicated to connecting students with English-speaking teachers, and many don’t require any formal training other than a bachelor’s degree. Many organisations allow you to choose as many or as few hours as you want to work, making it ideal for fitting around your existing schedule.

Try Out Casino Games

Casino games can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash, but it is important to approach these with caution. You should understand the rules of any game you play and never gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose. You should also look for games with the best possible payout odds to give you the greatest chance of success. You can find a list of the best slot payouts from experts over at OnlineCasinos.

Write Online Courses

There is a massive demand for online courses and content on platforms like Udemy and Khan Academy. If you have some specialised knowledge and can write an understandable, cohesive and comprehensive course on a topic, then selling an online course to a course provider can be a great money maker.

You’ll need to do your research and ensure that the information you’re providing is accurate and up to date. You should also look at other courses in your niche to see what kind of feedback they receive. You can then learn from this feedback to help you write the most effective courses possible.

Offer Proofreading Services Online

If you have excellent spelling and grammar skills, then offering proofreading services online could be a great option for you. You can sign up for a platform that connects proofreaders with jobs and take on work when it suits you. It is best to choose a platform to work through, even if it charges a fee so that you can be sure that you will be paid for the services you provide.

Start A Blog

Blogging has exploded in popularity recently, and many dedicated bloggers have found ways to make their blogs into money-making machines. You’ll need to build up a solid follower base with plenty of traffic to monetise your blog, and to do that, you’ll need to create quality, consistent and informative content.

Once you have gained a following on your blog, you can monetise it in a range of ways. Some people prefer to get free samples, cash or vouchers from businesses they then write a post about on their blogs, known as affiliate marketing. Others choose sponsors to work with on a longer-term basis or advertising revenue for ad space on their blogs.

Become A Virtual Translator

Virtual translation skills are another hot commodity online and one that you can fit easily around your current schedule. It is best to research the opportunities and platforms where you can sell translation services and decide if you want to do verbal or written translations. Naturally, you’ll need a strong grasp of both English and a second language to succeed in this role, and fluency in two languages is normally an essential requirement.

Avoid Charges Overseas With Online-Only Banks

If you spend a lot of time overseas or have a holiday coming up, you’ll need to consider how you will manage to avoid the often-high transaction fees for using traditional bank cards abroad. Signing up for an online-only bank can be a great option, as these often provide entirely free transactions when making payments abroad. In addition, you can often earn some good money through sign-up deals when opening any new bank account, so be sure to shop around for the best deals.

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