Decipad Public Beta: The New Frontier of Data Storytelling

July 21, 2023


In the digital era, data is the lifeblood of our decision-making process. However, presenting data and numbers in a way that facilitates understanding is often a cumbersome task. Many brilliant insights get lost in the shuffle, reduced to lifeless cells in a spreadsheet, their narrative potential untapped. Enter the Public Beta of Decipad – a trailblazing tool that reimagines the way we interact with numbers, making it as simple and playful as crafting a story.

Rethinking Data Presentation with Decipad

Traditional number crunching and spreadsheet manipulation are often tedious and inaccessible for many. Decipad takes a completely different approach. Instead of presenting raw data or end results, it focuses on the journey that each number undertakes, helping users to truly understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the figures they see.

With Decipad, you’re not just showing results, you’re creating an engaging narrative around your data. This tool offers a stage for your thought process, leading your audience along the winding path that your data has traversed. By doing this, you’re fostering understanding, trust, and collaboration within your team.

Decipad Public Beta: What’s New and Exciting

The public beta of Decipad introduces a plethora of features that simplify and enhance your data storytelling experience.

Live Collaboration

With real-time collaboration, you can invite your team to join you in your narrative journey. Brainstorm, crunch numbers, and craft your data stories together.

Team Workspaces

Organize your narratives and data stories into dedicated workspaces. This offers a seamless workflow, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and contributing towards the same narrative.

API & SQL Data Integrations

Pull data directly from your existing databases or external APIs. Decipad makes it easier than ever to keep your narratives up-to-date with the latest data.

AI Assistance

Leverage artificial intelligence to help you spot trends, fill in gaps, and predict future scenarios. With AI by your side, your data stories will be as insightful as they are compelling.

User-Friendly Notebook UI

Decipad’s notebook-style user interface is designed to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and a pleasure to use. It brings a level of user-friendliness that’s rarely seen in data analysis tools.

Transforming Data into Decision-Making Tools

Decipad isn’t just a tool for creating interesting data stories; it’s a tool for facilitating better business decisions. Whether it’s assessing ROI, examining business model viability, or making informed spending choices, Decipad transforms raw numbers into meaningful insights.


In a world that is rapidly becoming more and more data-driven, tools like Decipad are invaluable. It goes beyond traditional spreadsheets and data visualization tools to offer a completely new way of understanding and presenting data.

The Decipad Public Beta launch marks a significant step in the journey of data storytelling. With its rich feature set and a focus on collaboration, it’s shaping up to be an essential tool for teams that rely on data to inform their decisions.

The creators of Decipad have taken on an ambitious task, but the public beta shows that they’re on the right track. It’s a promising glimpse into the future of data storytelling, and a testament to the creative potential that lies in the numbers all around us. So, if you’re a data enthusiast looking for an engaging, innovative, and collaborative way to present numbers, Decipad is certainly worth a try.

For more information and to try the Decipad Public Beta, visit Decipad and start your data storytelling journey today.

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