Denver’s Innovative 3D Printing Startups Revolutionizing the Industry

February 7, 2024

The 3D printing industry has cemented its place as a significant sector, known for its innovative practices and remarkable advancements. Denver, Colorado, in particular, is a thriving hub for moonshot ventures and forward-thinking businesses. Here we spotlight startups born out of 2020 or later, highlighting their innovative strides in the 3D Printing industry. These startups exemplify resilience, constant innovation, and an unbowed spirit that has characterized the industry, especially during the challenging times of a global pandemic.

For anyone trying to stay current with the latest industry trends, or for potential partners or investors, these startups set the pace in areas such as additive manufacturing, aerospace, publishing, sales, product design, and more. Offering solutions from environmentally-conscious products to complex manufacturing systems, these Denver-based startups have generated significant traction within their respective industry verticals and are poised for exponential growth.

This article will explore these various startups in greater detail. Each section will contain a bio about the company, its founders, location, the industries it operates in, and a brief description of their operations.

Additive Space Technologies

A startup built on the incredible potential of additive manufacturing systems and machine learning. Additive Space Technologies has put forth a collaborative system for building vehicles and infrastructure on Earth, the Moon, or Mars. You can find more information about the company on their LinkedIn page.

American Web

Located in Denver, American Web presents solutions within the 3D Printing, Printing, and Publishing sectors. It has significantly influenced the 3D printing industry since its inception. For additional updates about the company, follow their updates on Facebook.

Anaconda Printing

Offering copy services, office documentation, and more, Anaconda Printing provides a comprehensive suite of services. Maintaining a high online presence, updates can also be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Zen Home Technologies

Founded by Corey Binder, Zen Home Technologies is a shining star in the 3D Printing industry on a mission to design DIY reusable respirators.

Cocks-Clark Graphics

Providing state-of-the-art equipment for flexo plate production, Cocks-Clark Graphics stands out in the Graphic Design and 3D Printing sectors. Founded by Mike Kelly, his focus has been on delivering superior quality in a timely fashion.


Kolorfusion is a unique startup employing a process called dye sublimation for decorating products. More details about the company can be found on their Facebook page.

Mile High Clothing

Representing the Coloradan culture, Mile High Clothing is a Denver-based apparel company that designs, manufactures, and commercializes fashion-forward items. They maintain a strong online presence on Facebook and Twitter (@mhcco).

Winter Monkey

Offering services in 3D printing and themed entertainment, among others, Winter Monkey caters to different market areas. They continually update their services on Facebook and LinkedIn.


RevB is a standout startup providing 3D printing, analysis, and engineering services. Their professionalism and robust customer service ethic are key hallmarks of their operations. They can be contacted via their LinkedIn page.

3D Printing Channel

Providing services in media, marketing, and management, 3D Printing Channel is an authoritative voice in the 3D printing industry, represented by founders Rich Benvin and Bill Decker. Stay updated with their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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