Digger: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Management in GitHub Actions

November 29, 2023

Overview: Digger’s Journey and Impact

The world of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) management has seen a significant leap forward with the (re)launch of Digger. Born out of a relentless journey over the past nine months, starting with its first code in March, Digger has evolved through valuable feedback from its beta launch in May. It stands today as a trailblazer in orchestrating and running Infrastructure code, such as Terraform and OpenTofu, within GitHub Actions.

The Core of Digger: Simplifying and Securing IaC

Digger sets itself apart by enabling concurrent runs, role-based access controls, and detection of drift in production infrastructure – crucial aspects for any enterprise. While conventional CI/CD tools often replicate CI functionalities, leading to duplicated compute resources (workers, jobs, etc.), Digger’s philosophy is strikingly different. It embeds IaC operations within your existing CI systems like GitHub Actions. This ingenious approach allows businesses to “use their own compute” while Digger adeptly manages orchestration elements such as pull request automation, locking mechanisms, role-based access control, drift detection, remediation, and audit trails.

Cost-Effectiveness and Enterprise-Grade Features

One of the most significant advantages of Digger is its ability to slash additional compute costs dramatically. It ensures that private workers, often a feature of paid tiers, become a standard offering. More critically, Digger provides access to enterprise-grade functionalities like role-based access controls and drift detection, all through its orchestrator. This blend of cost-effectiveness and advanced features makes Digger a compelling choice for organizations looking to streamline their IaC management.

User-Friendly and Community-Oriented

Understanding the product in-depth is made easy with Digger. Interested parties can book a demo to experience its capabilities first-hand. Moreover, the Digger community on Slack offers a platform for users to share experiences, tips, and feedback, fostering a collaborative environment for continuous improvement.

Conclusion: A Game Changer in IaC Management

Digger is not just another tool in the IaC landscape; it’s a game-changer. Its focus on running within existing CI systems like GitHub Actions, while offering sophisticated orchestration and security features without the burden of extra costs, positions it as an indispensable asset for any organization committed to efficient and secure infrastructure management. As Digger continues to evolve with user feedback, it’s poised to set new standards in the field of Infrastructure as Code management.

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