EHS for Startups: Building a Future-Proof Business Through Compliance and Innovation

June 7, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. EHS compliance is an essential component for startups across various sectors to safeguard their operations, workforce, and the environment.
  2. Innovations in EHS compliance are not just about managing risks but also about promoting sustainable business practices.
  3. A new breed of startups is offering innovative EHS solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and trends.
  4. Adapting to EHS practices can significantly contribute to a startup’s overall value proposition and growth strategy.
  5. Balancing regulatory compliance and operational flexibility is the key to successful EHS management in startups.

Understanding the Need for EHS Compliance in Startups

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance refers to the set of laws, regulations, and best practices businesses must adhere to, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and minimizing their environmental impact. For startups, understanding and complying with EHS regulations is critical not only to safeguard their operations and workforce but also to position their brands as responsible and sustainable entities.

EHS compliance is more than a mere obligation; it’s an opportunity for startups to demonstrate their commitment to their employees, customers, and the environment. Additionally, EHS compliance contributes significantly to risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and overall business sustainability.

Innovative Startups Transforming EHS Compliance Landscape

A new breed of startups is revolutionizing the EHS compliance landscape, leveraging emerging technologies and trends. They offer innovative solutions to help businesses manage their EHS compliance obligations more efficiently and effectively. Here are some notable startups that are making waves in this space:

  1. SafetyCulture: This Kansas City and Sydney-based startup offers a mobile-first audit solution for enterprises to manage workplace safety and maintain compliance requirements. Their product, iAuditor, offers customizable inspection checklists, reporting, and insights and automates workflows for better team collaboration.
  2. Sphera Solutions: A cloud-based integrated QEHS and operational risk management software provider, Sphera Solutions is focused on sectors like energy power, oil and gas, metals & mining, manufacturing, government, consumer goods, chemical, and life sciences industries. Their suite of products and features includes emission management, risk assessment, master data and chemical inventory management, compliance, and hazardous material management.
  3. Urbint: This New York-based startup is a provider of AI-driven urban datasets and data analysis tools. Its offerings include a toolkit for professionals to access urban data, APIs for front-end app developers and urban data processing, and a grid of an enterprise-grade version of its APIs offering.
  4. Ontic: Ontic offers a web-based workplace safety management software for enterprises. It provides corporate security, education, and strategic services, focusing on physical security for employees and property. It allows for identifying and investigating threats, conducting assessments, gathering data for analysis, and collaborating across teams.
  5. Intelex: Intelex is a Toronto-based startup that provides environment health & safety software for the manufacturing industry. Their EHS & quality management platform includes features like business analytics, EHSQ community, supplier management, root cause analysis, electronic signatures, image mapping, document control, and more.
  6. Greenlight Guru: Greenlight Guru is a cloud-based quality management software provider for medical device manufacturers. It allows users to automate quality processes, follow FDA/ISO best practices automatically, and maintain full traceability.
  7. Altana Trade: This New York-based startup offers an AI-based regulatory and risk management software suite for multiple sectors. Its solutions include operational & supply chain risk management, trade compliance management, KYC & AML solutions, and more.
  8. VelocityEHS: Based in Chicago, VelocityEHS provides SaaS-based EHS compliance software. It helps global enterprises in health, safety, environmental compliance, training, operational risk, and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).
  9. Vector Solutions: Vector Solutions provides courses on learning management system, accreditations and credential management, competency assessments, compliance and risk management, performance management and evaluation, etc., serving commercial, education, and public sectors.
  10. Diginex: This Hong Kong-based startup offers blockchain development and advisory services, providing financial services including institutional-grade investment tools for digital asset management, insured custody, corporate finance, exchange, and markets.

How Startups Can Leverage EHS Compliance for Growth

Startups can use EHS compliance as a growth lever in multiple ways. Firstly, adhering to EHS regulations helps avoid legal penalties, operational disruptions, and reputational damage, which could seriously harm a fledgling business. Secondly, EHS compliance can enhance a startup’s brand image, building trust with customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Thirdly, integrating EHS considerations into business strategies can uncover new opportunities for innovation and differentiation. For example, startups can develop new products or services that help other businesses meet their EHS compliance obligations.

EHS Compliance: A Pillar of Responsible and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Today, startups operate in an era characterized by increasing scrutiny of their environmental and social impacts. As such, EHS compliance has become a critical aspect of responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. Startups that embrace EHS compliance are not just better positioned to manage risks but also to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.


EHS compliance is no longer optional for startups. It’s a fundamental component of their operations, growth strategies, and brand narratives. Innovative startups worldwide are leading the way, demonstrating how EHS compliance can be transformed from a cost center into a source of competitive advantage and value creation. By understanding and embracing EHS practices, startups can secure their operations, empower their employees, win over customers, attract investors, and ultimately build a future-proof business.

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