Emerging AgriTech Startups Revolutionising Agriculture from Silicon Valley

February 6, 2024

Welcome to the startup spotlight. We celebrate the newest startups calling ‘s-Graveland and ‘s-Gravendeel, Noord-Holland home. Here we feature startups in various industries, from automotive and E-commerce to manufacturing and education. We will dive into each company’s purpose, their offerings, and how they are making a splash in their respective markets. All startups featured began operation in 2020 or later, reinforcing the vitality and diversity of the entrepreneurial spirit in these countries.

The pandemic undoubtedly made 2020 a challenging year to launch a startup. Nonetheless, numerous entrepreneurs took the plunge, demonstrating resilience, agility, understanding of market needs, and the courage to venture into uncertain waters. As we explore these startups, we’ll shed some light on what drives their innovative ideas, inspires their teams, and attracts their growing customer bases.

From a world-class sorting and handling solutions company to a non-profit education and training organization, we celebrate both the diversity of enterprises and the visions they share for a better future. Each story strikes a different note, but they all create a symphony speaking of courage, innovation, and hope. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery, learning, and inspiration.


Located in ‘s-graveland, Eurosort shines as a versatile platform in the manufacturing, sales, and transportation industries. Their array of customizable sorters like bomb bay, push tray, sweeper sorters help tackle all your unit sortation challenges. They are experts in applications such as e-commerce order fulfillment, returns management, postal sorting, kitting, and more.



INVK is a non-profit organization located in ‘s-graveland, specializing in education and training. They aim to sculpt the leaders of tomorrow. More information can be found on their various social media platforms.

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One of ‘s-graveland’s inspiring E-commerce startups, BookSpot serves as a comprehensive platform for internet and eBook services.

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Pos Service Holland

As an integral player in automotive, retail, and wholesale industries, Pos Service Holland exemplifies the innovation and drive of ‘s-graveland’s startup culture.

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Bard 87

In the realm of graphic design, Bard 87 serves as a beacon of creative expression and personal branding in the ‘s-graveland region.


Stepping into the automotive and E-commerce sectors, Bandenthuis lives to drive forward in ‘s-graveland.

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Fishing Info Europe

Adventurous and daring, Fishing Info Europe caters to boating and marine transportation enthusiasts in ‘s-graveland’s niche markets.

Bickery Food Group

A key player in food and beverage, transportation, and warehousing, Bickery Food Group is a rising star out of ‘s-graveland.

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Viscon Group

In ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, Viscon Group frontlines industrial automation in the agriculture and food industry, providing cost-effective and creative production processes.

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Visser Horti Systems

Visser Horti Systems, based in ‘s-gravendeel, is an innovative provider of machinery manufacturing and product design services in the agriculture and industrial sectors.

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DCM Agency

In the digital realm, the DCM Agency offers specialized services in advertising, B2B, lead generation, SEO, and web design, serving as ‘s-gravendeel’s digital beacon.

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