Emerging AI Tech Startups Disrupting the Industry from London Base

February 6, 2024

In this article, we shine the spotlight on fascinating startups founded after 2020 and operating from ‘s-graveland and ‘s-gravendeel, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. These start-ups encompass a broad range of industries, from Manufacturing and Sales, Education, E-commerce, Automotive, Graphic Design, Adventure Travel to Food and Beverage. What they all have in common is an innovative approach to their respective sectors and a forward-thinking vision that firmly sets them on a path of growth and success.

This selection of startups showcases not only the variety within the Dutch startup ecosystem but also the potential for innovative solutions to make a measurable impact across diverse industries on both a national and global scale. Read on for a closer look at each of these promising ventures.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting world of Dutch start-ups, exploring the unique offerings and ambitious visions of these rising stars.


Based in ‘s-graveland, Eurosort operates in the Manufacturing, Sales, and Transportation industry. The company offers a wide range of customizable sorters to tackle tough unit sortation challenges. Be it e-commerce order fulfillment, postal sorting, returns management or more, Eurosort has a solution ready. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Stichting INVK, based in ‘s-graveland, is operating in the Education, Non-Profit, and Training sector. Show them some love on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


In the e-commerce industry, we find BookSpot. Serving the ‘s-graveland area, BookSpot operates in the ECommerce, EBooks, and Internet sectors. Check out their latest offers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Pos Service Holland

Specialising in the Automotive, Retail, and Wholesale industries, Pos Service Holland is another noteworthy startup operating in ‘s-graveland. Visit them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Bard 87

Bard 87, based in ‘s-graveland, offers services in the Graphic Design, Personal Branding, and Web Design sectors.


With Bandenthuis, we move into the Automotive and E-commerce industry. This ‘s-graveland-based startup can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fishing Info Europe

Fishing Info Europe is an exciting startup in the Adventure Travel, Boating, and Marine Transportation sectors, operating out of ‘s-graveland.

Bickery Food Group

Located in ‘s-graveland, Bickery Food Group specializes in the Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Warehousing sector. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Viscon Group

Viscon Group, based in ‘s-gravendeel, offers industrial automation solutions in the Agro and food industry. The company develops reliable, cost-effective, and creative production processes. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Visser Horti Systems

‘s-gravendeel-based Visser Horti Systems provides a range of services, from transplanters and seeders to industrial washing machines services. Interact with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

DCM Agency

From ‘s-gravendeel, DCM Agency excels in Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO and Web Design. Stay updated with their work on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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