Emerging Istanbul-based Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry

February 6, 2024

The 3D printing industry is rapidly growing, with startups cropping up all over the globe. Istanbul, Turkey, is making a mark in this industry with a host of new startups offering innovative solutions in 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, and more. This article shines a spotlight on some of the most promising startups born in Istanbul from 2020 onwards, exploring what they are doing differently to make a change in the industry.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, delivers innovative solutions in various industries like education, healthcare manufacturing, and others. New players in the field are constantly pushing the boundaries, from developing archaeological educational excavation kits to printing 3D industrial compressors. This shift in technology is helping large companies and individuals alike bring their ideas to life faster than ever before.

The impressive growth of the 3D printing industry in Istanbul is due to a combination of factors including a young, tech-savvy population, favorable government policies to encourage entrepreneurship, and a growing interest in digital manufacturing technologies. Here, we detail the promising startups of 2020 and onward who are making strides in the 3D industry in the remarkable city of Istanbul.


Founded by Buğra Haksever and Ilker Vardarlı, Arkerobox operates in various sectors such as 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Museums and Historical Sites, and STEM Education. Arkerobox develops archaeological educational excavation kits aimed at raising children’s awareness of global cultural heritage. They have successfully combined innovative educational methodologies with the popularization of cultural heritage products.


OO-KUMA is headed by founder Gökhan G. The company operates in the 3D Printing, Information Technology, and Manufacturing industry. OO-KUMA is known for manufacturing reliable 3D printers, materials, and software. They provide solutions to global markets and continue to explore more through their research and development activities.

TULGA Product Development Technologies

TULGA, founded by Kenan Dönmez, operates in areas including 3D Printing, 3D Technology, CAD, Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Product Design, and Virtual Reality. They offer multidisciplinary product development services, creating innovative designs, prototype production, and manufacturing engineering for a wide range of customers.


T-Kart is a startup in Istanbul notable for its work in 3D printing and manufacturing. They offer specialized printing solutions in the industry.


Ekomak is an industrial screw compressors manufacturer. Their range of services includes the development, production, and sales of stationary, oil-injected screw compressors, with options for variable frequency drives.


3Dörtgen is a Turkish company that specializes in 3D printing, combining expertise in printing and retail.

4C Engineering

Founded by Sedat Kurtaran, 4C Engineering provides various products in the 3D printing, 3D technology, industrial engineering, and manufacturing industry. They are dedicated to introducing high-technology products to the market and promoting development and education.

Sanmar Tugboat

Sanmar Tugboats is a leading manufacturing company that specializes in 3D printing. The company is known for constructing tugboats, workboats, and pilot boats. They hold the distinction of building the world’s first liquid natural gas tugboat in 2014.


Makerelay is a singular hub to sell 3D printed designs across various channels. It was founded by Alican Vergin, Emre Baris Yavuz, and Ugur Can Ekimci.

Turkish RepRap

Founded by Onur Samet Yildirim, Turkish RepRap leads the e-commerce industry in Turkey, focusing on the sale of 3D printer parts.


3dcini is a startup that operates in the 3D printing, 3D technology, information technology, product design, and product management sectors. They develop three-dimensional products from digital designs and provide a platform for product designs sharing and 3D printing services.

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