Emerging Tech Startups Revolutionizing Silicon Valley’s Tech Industry

February 7, 2024

In a world that progressively transforms by day, startups are always at the forefront, turning innovative ideas into reality. This article takes us to the canals of The Netherlands, specifically in ‘s-Graveland and ‘s-Gravendeel, Noord-Holland. As we disover a new breed of startups founded in 2020, we delve into varied sectors from Manufacturing and Sales to Food and Beverage, from Education to Automation, each aiming to inject disruption and innovation in their respective industry.

These startups hail from a country known for its open culture and supportive environment for startups. From its government regulations to excellent startup ecosystems, Noord-Holland can be seen as a melting pot for new businesses thriving in a culture of entrepreneurship. This is a tribute to these companies, a celebration of their hard work, innovation, and dedication to their crafts. Like blooming tulips in the Dutch spring, these startups present a picture of growth and potential in Noord Holland’s fertile business grounds.

Now, let’s get to know each of these groundbreaking startups making waves in ‘s-Graveland and ‘s-Gravendeel.


From Manufacturing, Sales, to Transportation, Eurosort has been offering customizable sortation solutions that caters to a wide-ranging applications. Their suburb selection of bomb bay, push tray, cross tray, push bar, and sweeper sorters attends to various industry challenges especially in warehousing and distribution. Connect with Eurosort on Linkedin.


As a Non Profit Organization specifically in the Education and Training sector, INVK has been a force of positive change. Standing out as a bastion of knowledge and development, INVK’s mission and vision resonate across the Netherlands. You can follow their Twitter @StichtingINVK and Linkedin page for updates.


BookSpot has carved its niche in the E-Commerce, EBooks, and Internet sectors. Stepping up in the book industry by providing online services, BookSpot promotes a culture of reading in the digital era. For more about their latest offerings, you can check their Twitter @bookspot_shop and Linkedin.

Pos Service Holland

Specializing in the Automotive, Retail, and Wholesale industries, Pos Service Holland brings service to a new level. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are their key to maintaining a good presence in the market. Know more about their services by visiting their Linkedin page.

Bard 87

At the forefront of Graphic Design, Personal Branding, and Web Design is Bard 87. With its exceptional offerings and unique branding strategies, this startup creates not just a name but a mark in their sector, helping other businesses build their brand identity.


In the Automotive and E-Commerce industry, Bandenthuis has been making waves through its exceptional offerings and services. Providing easy access and convenient automotive solutions, it caters to a wide array of clienteles in the Netherlands. Get a glimpse of their services on their Linkedin page.

Fishing Info Europe

For those with an adventurous spirit, Fishing Info Europe offers an interesting mix of marine transportation and boating adventures throughout Holland. Its unique offerings provide a blend of adrenaline and respite for those seeking a fun-filled getaway.

Bickery Food Group

Delivering goods across Holland, Bickery Food Group is an emerging leader in Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Warehousing sectors. Their commitment to providing quality food and excellent delivery services has made them a go-to source for food and beverage needs. Know more about their offerings on their Facebook page and Linkedin.

Viscon Group

Moving south to ‘s-Gravendeel, Viscon Group offers industrial automation solutions to the Agro and food industry. Founded by Jan Visser, the company creates reliable and efficient production processes, helping its clients to achieve competitive advantages. Connect with them through LinkedIn and their Facebook page.

Visser Horti Systems

Also located in ‘s-Gravendeel is Visser Horti Systems, a company driving innovation in the Agriculture, Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, and Product Design industry. Specializing in a wide range of services, from transplanters to industrial washing machines. You can follow them on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/visserhortisystems and LinkedIn pages.

DCM Agency

Last but not least, DCM Agency stands out as a dynamic player in Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO, and Web Design. Their innovative strategies and unique approach to marketing and advertisement make them a stand-out in their sector. Connect with them through their Twitter @DCMAgency, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

To sum up, these are just some of the emerging startups from Noord-Holland, each showcasing innovative solutions, perseverance, and a drive towards shaping a brighter business landscape in the Netherlands. From Manufacturing to Food and Beverages, from Automation to Advertisement, these startups paint a vibrant picture of the Dutch entrepreneurship scene, contributing in their unique ways towards a prosperous and innovative business environment.

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