Equals Unveils Dashboards: The Future of Dynamic Reporting is Here!

October 24, 2023

The Game Changer in Spreadsheet Analysis

Remember the days when spreadsheet analysis was confined to the matrix of cells, rows, and columns? The days of squinting your eyes over Excel or Google Sheets, trying to decipher patterns and extrapolate valuable insights? Those days are numbered, thanks to Bobby, the CEO of Equals, and his relentless team. They’ve just launched Dashboards, and it’s about to transform the way we view and share spreadsheet data.

Intuitive Creation Process

Point, Click, Drag, Drop – That’s All!

No longer do you need a master’s degree in data science to create visually compelling dashboards. Equals offers an astonishingly user-friendly platform. Want to highlight specific data? Just point and click. Need a table or chart? Simply drag and drop. Plus, for those who need a little extra insight, AI-generated summaries add depth and understanding to your data.

The process is reminiscent of creating a mood board or collage, but for data. It feels almost artistic in its approach, and the end product is a visually appealing, insightful dashboard that speaks volumes more than any standard spreadsheet ever could.

Shareability: Power and Control in Your Hands

Confidence in Every Share

In today’s digital world, sharing information is crucial. But with that comes the threat of data breaches or unwanted access. Equals has considered this by integrating advanced access controls. Now, you can confidently share your dashboards with a wide array of stakeholders – from teammates to potential investors – knowing that your underlying analysis remains secure.

What this means for businesses is unparalleled transparency without the fear. Customer presentations, stakeholder meetings, and investor pitches can now be enhanced with dynamic dashboards, sharing valuable insights in real-time.

Distribution Made Effortless

Automated Reporting Everywhere You Need It

Whether you’re catering to the tech-savvy team using Slack or the traditionalist who prefers email, Equals’ Dashboards has got you covered. With a few clicks, schedule and dispatch your reports to reach your audience where they are most comfortable.

The additional option to export to Google Slides or even PDF ensures that presentations, board meetings, and seminars can be supported with the latest data insights without any cumbersome processes. This feature alone is a testament to how Equals is genuinely reshaping the landscape of business reporting.

Affordability Meets Functionality

Here’s the icing on the cake: Dashboards comes free with all paid subscriptions of Equals. Essentially, for the price of one tool, businesses now get dual functionality. It’s this kind of forward-thinking and value addition that sets Equals apart in the crowded market of business tools.

For the uninitiated or those curious about the capabilities of Dashboards, Equals is offering a 14-day free trial. It’s a golden opportunity to dive in and experience firsthand the revolution in spreadsheet analysis.

Final Thoughts

Equals’ new Dashboards is not just another tool; it’s a paradigm shift. It represents the breaking of old chains and the embrace of a future where data is not just seen but understood and where insights are not just shared but experienced.

Bobby and the Equals team have once again underscored their commitment to making business intelligence not just accessible, but “dead easy.” And in a world drowning in data, such simplicity is not just welcome; it’s essential.

Here’s to the future of dynamic reporting. With Equals’ Dashboards, it seems the future is already here.

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