Every Way You Could Use A Small Business Loan

May 12, 2023

Many inexperienced entrepreneurs consider business loans to be funding of last resort, a way of injecting cash into a dying business — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Business loans are remarkably flexible, and many of the most successful entrepreneurs understand what are small business loans as well as how to leverage all the different kinds of loans to achieve growth and accomplish other worthwhile business goals. Business leaders should investigate the loan options available to them, especially after learning how to use small business loans to amazing benefit.

Startup Costs

Other startup funding options tend to be more popular than small business loans, but loans can offer entrepreneurs everything they want and need before business launch. What’s more, unlike other funding options, business loans allow entrepreneurs to retain complete control over their company vision, so they can claim all credit for business success.

Everyday Operations

A business spends money every second that it is operating. A brand-new business might benefit from a loan to help fund everyday operations until it begins to turn a profit. Companies in seasonal industries also often rely on loans to keep them in operation during off-seasons.

Equipment and Machinery

Many businesses rely significantly on large, sophisticated or a variety of machinery, but such equipment can be expensive, making it difficult for new companies to acquire what they need to launch. There are many types of loans that are expressly to help businesses purchase equipment and machinery, which business owners might take advantage of during the startup phase or growth phases.

Tenant Improvements

Often, commercial spaces are empty shells that businesses must modify to suit their needs. Because landlords shift all of the expense of a buildout to tenants, many businesses find that they need to rely on loans to make their new commercial spaces ready for use.


For businesses that own their locations, small business loans can be useful in helping to afford enhancements to their property. Lighting fixtures, plumbing, storage solutions, landscaping and other enhancements can improve the look, function and feel of any type of commercial space.


Retailers and similar businesses rely on the sale of inventory to generate income to acquire more inventory. To start the cycle, business leaders may need to use small business loans. Some businesses also utilize debt like lines of credit to make it faster and easier to take advantage of discounts or acquire rare stock during periods of low cash flow.

Business Acquisition

One of the best ways to grow a business is to merge with or acquire another business. Of course, acquisitions are always costly, and business leaders may need assistance from a trustworthy lender to close the deal. Loans used for this purpose often have long terms to ensure that businesses have more flexibility to achieve their goals and establish stability.

Business Expansion

The first few years after business launch tend to be the most difficult for most entrepreneurs, but once a business has celebrated its fifth birthday, it is likely successful enough to consider expansion. Business leaders can utilize loans to fund any expansion ideas, such as hiding additional staff, acquiring a physical commercial space, moving into a new market or something else.

Franchise Launch

Not all entrepreneurs want to build a business from scratch. Franchises allow business leaders to rely upon an established brand and business model to create success — as long as a franchisee can afford to launch the franchise. Fortunately, would-be franchisees can also take advantage of business loans to help them purchase a franchise license and get their franchise up and running.


Every business needs to pay attention to the activity of its competitors. If a competitor begins offering a new product or service, if it is utilizing a new technology or expanding into a new region, business leaders may need to leverage small business loans to remain competitive and continue delivering high value to their target audience.

Small business loans are so much more than new entrepreneurs expect. The sooner business leaders speak with lenders to learn about their loan options, the better.

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