Exploring Austin’s Innovative 3D Printing Startup Scene: A Close Look

January 29, 2024

Emerging startups across various industries are harnessing the power of 3D printing, especially those in the heart of Texas. Austin, the capital city, is a hotbed of innovation and has attracted a myriad of startups employing this technology to revolutionize different sectors. From the construction and aerospace industries to the gaming and software development fields, these startups are transforming the ways we manufacture, design, and build. Here is a closer look at some of the Austin-based startups, founded in 2020 or later, which are making waves in the 3D printing industry.

These startups are leveraging 3D printing in groundbreaking ways to provide innovative solutions to various industries. From developing construction technologies for Earth and beyond, to printing large-scale metal components for the aerospace industry, to printing in color for industrial applications – the scope of 3D printing is boundless. Not to mention, this technology has proven crucial in aiding the rapid prototyping process in product design, manufacturing and in creating interactive gaming experiences.

Distinctively, each startup provides unique products and services, yet they all share a common thread – the use of 3D printing technology at the core of their operations. In the following sections, we will explore each of these innovative startups, diving into their backgrounds, specialties, and how they are shaping the future of their industries with 3D printing.


Founded by Alex LeRoux, Evan Loomis, and Jason Ballard, ICON specializes in advanced construction technologies. The startup uses a mix of proprietary 3D printing robotics, software, and advanced materials to redefine the paradigm of home building. You can find out more about their work on Twitter (@ICON3DTech), Facebook (icon3dtech), and LinkedIn (icon3dtech).

M Aerospace RTC

M Aerospace RTC is leading the way in large scale metal 3D printing in the Aerospace industry, providing metal 3D printing technology and services for a range of applications. Find them on Twitter (@MAerospaceRtc), Facebook (Maerospacertc), and LinkedIn (maerospace-rtc).

Structured Polymers

In the manufacturing industry, Structured Polymers is making waves as the world’s first colored ink manufacturer for industrial 3D printers. Their team is comprised of some of the earliest leaders in 3D printing, which is evident through their innovative material development and mechanical engineering solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn (structured-polymers).


Co-founded by Riley Knox and Sabine Resoagli, Accelerate3D has made a name for themselves in the hardware and automation industries by manufacturing 3D printers for plastic products that are ten times faster than standard printers. Follow their exciting journey on Twitter (@Accelerate3D), Facebook (accelerate3d), and LinkedIn (accelerate3d).

Lynx Laboratories

Driven by Chris Slaughter, Dustin Hopper, and Jeff Mahler, Lynx Laboratories is making advancements in machine learning, structural capture, and next-gen photography for applications in digital entertainment, architecture, and video games.

Kramerica Printing

Kramerica Printing specializes in manufacturing, using 3D printing to create a range of objects. Despite minimal online presence, they’re making significant strides in the industry.


With founders Azam Shahni and Zaib Husain at the helm, Makerarm provides users with a personal fabrication system – a single, beautifully designed robotic arm that works as a 3D printer, plotter, miller, and much more. Follow their accounts on Twitter (@makerarm), Facebook (makerarm), and LinkedIn (makerarm) to stay informed about their latest innovations.

SolidFace Technology

SolidFace Technology, founded by Oscar Leite and Rafael Lima, is a Cloud CAD system built for team collaboration. This system offers services like 3D printing, 3D technology, and software assistance to various manufacturing companies. Learn more about them on their social handles: Twitter (@SolidFaceCAD), Facebook (SolidFace-Technology-INC), and LinkedIn (solidface).

Capital Printing

Capital Printing is dedicated to using 3D Printing to create high-quality products. You can find them on Twitter (@capitalprinting), Facebook (CapitalPrintingCo), and LinkedIn (capitalprintingcompany).

American Printing & Mailing

American Printing & Mailing provides top-tier 3D printing services along with brand marketing and commercial services.


SabeRex specializes in electronics and industrial manufacturing, using 3D printing to create a variety of products. To stay on top of their latest developments, visit their social handles: Twitter (@saberexgroup), Facebook (saberexmfg), and LinkedIn (saberex).

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