Fastgen: The Next Generation Low-Code Backend Builder Is Here

June 12, 2023

Bridging the Gap in Backend Development

The sphere of web development is evolving at a swift pace, calling for intuitive and efficient tools that facilitate seamless application creation. Enter Fastgen, a revolutionary low-code API and workflow builder, complete with an integrated Postgres DB. This dynamic platform promises a robust solution to building custom business logic or complete backends. From building APIs to executing cron jobs, Fastgen does it all – with just a few drags and drops.

Experience the Power of Simplicity

Fastgen’s simple yet sophisticated drag-and-drop interface stands as a testament to its focus on user-friendliness. It invites users to sequence ‘actions’ to form REST APIs and workflows, each action designed to perform specific tasks. From sending HTTP requests and checking conditions to interacting with databases, every function you need is within reach.

Debug with Precision

Every developer understands the pain of pinpointing bugs in their code. Fastgen revolutionizes this process with a Debug Mode feature. It provides insights into the step-by-step execution of action blocks, allowing users to identify issues with precision and optimize their code with ease.

Comprehensive Logging

Fastgen takes monitoring a step further with its comprehensive logging feature. It grants users access to logs of all requests made to their APIs and Workflow executions, allowing them to understand performance metrics, detect issues, and conduct easy maintenance.

Effortless Set Up

Fastgen makes the set-up process as straightforward as possible. The platform supports SQL for database operations, JSON for data structuring, and comparison operators akin to JavaScript for decision-making in workflows. It provides a holistic set-up approach, paving the way for efficient backend creation.

Flexible Database Management

Fastgen offers a hosted Postgres DB for every project, complete with out-of-the-box validation rules. Users have the flexibility to connect an external DB or create custom validation rules for a more personalized approach.

DevOps Made Easy

Backend development often comes with a good share of busywork that can slow down the development process. Fastgen tackles this by allowing instant deployment of creations that are hosted for users. Fastgen simplifies DevOps, freeing developers to focus on what truly matters: crafting remarkable solutions.

Infinite Use Cases

From full-fledged MVPs to task automation for data/operations teams, the possibilities with Fastgen are endless. Whether it’s creating an API that retrieves a company’s financial filings, executing KYC onboarding flows, developing a sitemap checker for an SEO project, or even crafting a Chinese translation app, Fastgen’s versatility shines through.

Try Fastgen Today

Fastgen is more than a tool; it’s a game-changer in the landscape of backend development. Its innovative approach to eliminating boilerplate code and providing a visual environment makes it a dream come true for developers. It’s time to move past the tedium of creating and maintaining countless APIs, CRUD operations, and handling edge cases. Fastgen is here to streamline your backend development process. Give it a try, and prepare to be amazed.

Website: Fastgen

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