Former Soldier Turned Entrepreneur: Meet Gavin Cooper Of Claims Bible

August 17, 2022

Gavin Cooper is a former soldier-turned-entrepreneur and now the founder of Claims Bible.

Gavin noticed that many serving soldiers were not aware of the MOD claims they were entitled to. Subsequently, in 2015, he started

The aim of this website was to help people serving in HM Forces to claim back tax from the fuel that they spent commuting to temporary workplaces. Within a year, Forces Money had helped members of the armed forces to claim back over a million pounds.

Forces Money developed over the following years to offer a range of services alongside a new brand, Forces Compare. Forces Compare compares financial products such as car, travel and military equipment insurance. They also help military personnel with claims for mis-sold loans and credit. The company is veteran-owned, and its aim was to aid others who served in HM forces.

However, in 2022, Gavin noticed that members of the public, as well as military personnel, were also using his company’s claims services. In order to expand the website to allow a greater number of people to benefit from its services, Gavin spoke to those members of the public for feedback. The feedback he received was that the military branding was confusing to them, so in order to open the claims service to a wider audience, he started Claims Bible.

Claims Bible is a claims service that allows anyone to find and start a financial claim for compensation. Claims Bible’s products fall into 3 main categories: financial, property and personal. This includes helping people claim back money for personal injury claims and loans that were missold.

Customers can browse resources posted to Claims Bible such as loan refund calculators and blog posts to learn about the money they could be owed. Many people could be owed hundreds or thousands of pounds without even knowing it and Claims Bible helps to package their information so they can claim money back.

When they’re ready to make their claim, customers can use a form on Claims Bible’s website to check their eligibility. Claims Bible then puts customers in contact with a lawyer who will work to win compensation. If the case is lost, the customer does not have to pay, as Claims Bible works on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

“It’s Claims Bible’s mission to let everyone in the UK know about every single claim they are entitled to make, and help them to make it.”

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