Giskard 2.0: The Vanguard of Machine Learning Quality Assurance

November 9, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of machine learning (ML), the launch of Giskard 2.0 marks a pivotal moment for developers and ethicists alike. After an intensive development phase, the Giskard team has unveiled a toolset designed to expedite and refine the ML testing process, a venture that once consumed weeks is now transformed into a streamlined workflow.

The Challenge of ML Testing

The Bottleneck in Modern Machine Learning

Machine learning models are notoriously challenging to test and validate. The conventional methods involve a tedious cycle of manual test case generation, report crafting, and dashboards building, which can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to human error, leaving room for vulnerabilities in AI deployment.

Current MLOps Tools: A Step Behind

The existing MLOps tools lack the necessary transparency and fail to address the complete spectrum of AI risks. Issues such as robustness, fairness, security, and efficiency often fall through the cracks, leading to critical errors and biases slipping into production.

Giskard 2.0: A New Era of ML Testing

Comprehensive ML Testing Framework

Giskard 2.0 introduces a comprehensive ML Testing framework tailored for Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and Quality specialists. This innovative solution promises automated vulnerability detection, customizable tests, CI/CD integration, and collaborative dashboards, ensuring a robust defense against AI Quality issues.

Open-Source Python Library

The open-source Python library is a cornerstone of Giskard 2.0, empowering users to automatically detect hidden vulnerabilities within ML and Large Language Models. From robustness to ethical biases, Giskard stands as a vigilant guardian against potential flaws.

Enterprise-Ready Testing Hub

The Testing Hub application is designed for enterprise deployment, featuring intuitive dashboards and visual debugging tools. This hub facilitates a collaborative environment for AI Quality Assurance and compliance, accommodating the growing demand for scale and complexity in AI applications.

Python ML Ecosystem Compatibility

Giskard 2.0 boasts compatibility with the Python ML ecosystem, embracing popular platforms like Hugging Face, MLFlow, Weights & Biases, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Langchain. This ensures seamless integration into existing workflows and the broad applicability of the testing suite.

A Model-Agnostic Approach

The framework’s model-agnostic nature makes it a versatile tool, applicable to tabular models, NLP, and LLMs. With plans to expand support to Computer Vision, Recommender Systems, and Time Series, Giskard 2.0 is poised to become the universal standard in ML model testing.

Giskard’s Impact on AI Ethics and Compliance

Navigating the AI Regulatory Landscape

With the looming presence of regulations like the EU AI Act, which can impose penalties of up to 6% of annual revenue for non-compliance, Giskard offers a vital service. It not only enhances model quality but also ensures adherence to stringent regulatory standards.

The Ethical Imperative in AI

The team behind Giskard, composed of experienced ML engineers and AI ethicists, understands the critical importance of ethical considerations in AI development. By incorporating ethical guidelines into their testing framework, Giskard 2.0 stands as a beacon of responsible AI innovation.

Community and Collaboration

Building in the Open

Embracing the ethos of open-source development, Giskard invites feedback, feature requests, and questions from the community. This collaborative approach ensures the tool remains at the cutting edge of ML testing needs.

Join the Giskard Community

For those eager to become part of the Giskard ecosystem, the team has established a Discord community for users to connect, share insights, and grow together in the quest for impeccable AI quality.


Giskard 2.0 emerges not merely as a tool but as a movement, redefining the standards for machine learning testing and quality assurance. It stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the ML community, striving for excellence in an era where AI is no longer a novelty but a necessity.

For a detailed exploration of Giskard 2.0 and to join the community leading the charge in AI quality and ethics, visit the official website, GitHub repository, and the Discord community. Giskard awaits your curiosity and your commitment to AI excellence.

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