Helpful Customer Service Tips for Budding Businesses

May 2, 2022

Keeping a check on most things and inputting maximum effort into creating solid relationships with clients is key to a company’s success. This strategy is fundamental if your business is new and budding.

One of the most important things new businesses need to consider to attract clients is good customer service. You may not have a huge budget to establish a customer service team or use customer service tools as a budding business.

Customer service can help bring in potential clients and hold onto existing ones. Clearing misunderstandings, resolving queries, obtaining feedback, and enlightening customers regarding your services can benefit your business more than you know. Let us look at a few ways you can build strong customer relationships:


Treat Customer Feedback As Gold

The opinion of your clients or customers should be of utmost value and should never be ignored. Any brand or company relies on its customer’s satisfaction to bloom, grow and succeed. Collecting customer feedback is crucial, and you can do this in several ways. The easiest way to collect feedback is through social media platforms. You can hire managers and representatives to do these tasks as you expand.

Learning about what your customers like, dislike and things they want you to improve can change your perspective. It is a bright idea to implement changes based on common feedback, so the clients feel like they are being heard and can always look forward to your services or products.

Other feedback methods include call recording, analysis, website forms, emails, mobile app surveys, and SMS. You can even ask your customers to rate your products and ask whether they would recommend you to their friends, family, and relatives.

Assess Customer Issues

It is good to sit for meetings once a week or every two weeks to discuss common customer issues, complaints, and queries. Start this practice when your business is pretty new to continue holding sessions even when you have a larger team and more tasks. It will ensure customer satisfaction is never neglected or sidelined.

Use marketing information, feedback, statistics, and other data to evaluate patterns and behavior. It’s not necessary for customers to always comment on your products or services. Buying patterns and other trends can also help you identify what your customers dislike or enjoy.

Doing so will help you create innovative marketing campaigns, enable faster cross-selling, and upgrade product design to satisfy customer demands. It is also a wise idea to enlighten customer representatives regarding all these matters so they can handle customers better and provide valuable insights to them.

Hire People With the Correct Skill Sets

As a startup, you are likely to be handling customer service on your own or will hire a few people to do this for you. We approve of the latter, as picking skilled people for this job is crucial. A customer service representative will need to manage calls, emails, chats, social media, blog comments, and community forums. They should be understanding, friendly, helpful, and good at listening to people. Clearly someone with a grasp of the core customer support skills will be valuable in this role.  The people you hire should also believe in your company’s values/mission and should be able to broadcast this message to customers.

Use Multiple Channels

Using multiple channels for connecting with customers is likely to attract various clients and keep them hooked. Social media platforms are a great option to start with. Ideally, you can start with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok, depending on your business.

24/7 call support is an excellent tool to add as it helps resolve various queries, complaints, and issues. Most clients feel comfortable talking on call and can communicate their issues easily.

Similarly, live chat works to call center support, except that it’s in the form of messages. This platform is great for people who like typing instead of calling to get help. Making use of artificial intelligence software is also a great idea. A chatbot can automatically answer common questions without the need for an agent. The client can later be connected to live support if an issue remains.

Use blogs, websites, articles, manuals, tutorials, and videos to highlight common issues, product usage, and other important information related to your business. This way, customers can look for answers and get answers to common queries without contacting a representative.


Using some or a combination of the tips above can help you create a strong customer support department. Practicing a few things while your business is blooming will ensure consistency and can help you create a lasting effect in your target market!

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