How DACK Helps Manage Vacation Rentals

September 20, 2022

Vacation rental property managers have a lot on their plate, from ensuring the property is well cared for to managing guest check-ins and questions. Fortunately, there is software available to help automate some of the tasks.

What is DACK?

DACK is a guest application and portal that was started from scratch to approach guest technology differently; it is a vacation rental management app. Not only can it help create a better guest experience, but it also helps vacation rental hosts manage their properties and some of the functions of their job.

Guest Experience

How the guest experiences a vacation rental is important. Not only will it affect the review they leave, but negative word of mouth can be detrimental to a rental. For guests, DACK provides a digital property guide, which gives the guest the ability to see important property details.

With the advancements in technology, guests may not know how to operate some of the appliances in the rental, like the dishwasher or an electric fireplace. With DACK, rental owners and hosts can add details about the property, including images, step-by-step instructions on how to use appliances, as well as video demonstrations, which guests can access directly from their phones.

DACK also offers one-touch Wi-Fi, which saves guests time from having to type in long Wi-Fi passwords and provides less friction for their check-in. For vacation rental managers, this means that less time will need to be spent answering questions from guests.

Contactless Guest Check In

Vacation rental managers whose properties have digitally connected smart locks can use DACK to help with contactless guest check-in. DACK assigns a unique digital key and code, which guests can use to unlock their rental from the app with a simple click of a button. This not only works for digital locks on the front door but digital locks to other areas of the property; if the property is part of an apartment or multi-family condo building, the guests can access the entire property with their code.

Sometimes digital locks can go offline, but DACK can send an alert to the property manager when this occurs to prevent lockouts.

With DACK, guests can also check in early; when the manager approves guests’ early check-in requests, the software can update their check-in time.

Guest Messaging

DACK can also be customized for guest messaging. Guests must verify their phone and email address to the app, which gives the property manager accurate and reliable contact information for them for communication. Vacation rental managers can choose how they want to interact with guests before, during, and after their stay. Managers can communicate through messaging, email, or push notifications, which can send the message immediately or at specified times.

DACK can be connected to smart locks and can send guests welcome messages once they’ve unlocked the door at the beginning of their stay. Once a guest departs and leaves a review, property management is alerted through the inbox before the review is posted.

Local Recommendations

Sometimes when staying in a new place, guests don’t have specific shops or restaurants in mind. Property managers and hosts can help suggest places to their guests by creating a customized list of their favorite shops and restaurants.

Additionally, if property managers don’t want to make their own list, DACK can automatically provide vendor recommendations and activities to guests. Additionally, hosts and property managers can choose which vendors DACK redirects to. The host can create promotions and offers with local businesses and use the app to upsell.

DACK is a platform to automate and manage the guest experience, and it is a useful tool for vacation rental managers to have in their use.

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