How Rock Salt Can Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents For Your Business

November 3, 2022

Facilities in colder climes will be preparing for winter well before the first snowflakes fall, a period when moisture and ice melt wreak havoc on floors and raise the danger of slip-and-fall casualties.

Indeed, adverse weather may swiftly escalate from a little annoyance to a big stressor affecting the company’s bottom line. Staying indoors all winter is difficult and not encouraged, and you can’t go outside while it is icy.

Salt Distributor in Green Bay provides you with several safety practices to help you avoid any problems that may arise from walking on winter streets.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Snow safety is more than just having enough space to step. Ice hazards can be difficult to detect at times, especially at night. If the snow has just fallen, it is possible that the municipality has not yet applied rock salt. The path you’ve relied on to get to work every day might suddenly become an ice zone.

In situations like this, it is critical to be prepared and plan ahead of time for smooth and stealthy sections of ice. Ice melt is an important weapon in a facility’s snow removal arsenal.

However, it is commonly not used to its full potential. Here’s how rock salt can help prevent slip and fall injuries for businesses that want to keep their work running during the winter.

Preventing Slips and Falls

You can reduce slip and fall injuries by using rock salt. According to one research, over 42,000 work-related injuries were caused by ice, sleet, or snow. Each hurt worker required an average of 9 days to recuperate from their injuries. The productivity losses caused by slip and fall incidents on ice and snow are astonishing.

When walking or driving, rock salt works wonders for boosting traction. The crystalline structure of Rock Salt is extremely useful in enhancing traction on treated highways, which helps to minimize the number of automobile accidents. When cars travel over treated roads, the friction of the tires on the road generates extra heat, which accelerates the melting process.

Use Enough, But Not Too Much

Business owners frequently see rock salt as a panacea and extensively apply it, damaging assets and even slicker floors within entrances.

The excessive ice melt produces a dull haze that detracts from the floor’s aesthetics and enhances slickness when moisture is introduced.

Rock salt distributors recommend portion management and spreaders to guarantee the uniform application of ice melt outside entrances to combat these issues.

So, how much ice melt should businesses use? The response is determined by several factors, including surface temperature rather than air temperature, whether the region is in the sun or shade, and if the temperature is growing, decreasing, or constant.

Some Rock Salt Is Dyed

After application, some rock salt for sale are tinted with color so it’s easy to see. The color of the dye provides a visual indicator that allows you to modify application rates to higher or lower based on the scenario.

When the dye is applied, it is visible to anybody walking or driving over the treated area, alerting them to the dangerous situation on the ground.

Your company is required by law to provide healthy and safe working conditions. During snowy and icy conditions, using ice melt or rock salt is a critical first step. As employees, clients, and visitors enter your establishments. It is also essential to use matting and suitable floor treatments to keep the floors dry and slip resistant.

What You Use Matters

Similarly, selecting the best ice melt product depends on several criteria. The least priced and most regularly used substance is sodium chloride, sometimes rock salt.

However, if the temperature falls below 15 degrees, it might harm assets and lose efficacy. Some assets, such as healthcare facilities, may be susceptible to mistakenly tracked in rock salt.

You may prefer non-chloride or liquid alternatives in some cases. Liquid ice melt can be applied as a prophylactic measure to delay ice formation on locations such as sidewalks.

Taking Light Steps and Adjusting Your Stance

Even with rock salt, something as simple as your posture can impact your safety on ice. People who worry when they see ice cause many slip and fall instances.

Many people lock up and freeze when confronted with a long stretch of slick ice. They take short, stiff steps out of fear and keep their bodies rigid.

One of the worst things you can do is act on your instincts. Instead, take a deep breath and calm down. You want to maintain your body as flexible as possible and your feet as spaced out as feasible.

Prepare Yourself

Many medical professionals agree that slip and fall incidents can result in hip, tailbone, and even brain injuries that impair movement.

The most critical piece of winter clothing you can get is a pair of waterproof, well-insulated, lightweight boots with strong tread soles. Avoid anything with a prominent heel, or that is very weighty. A decent pair of boots can distinguish between arriving safely and suffering a catastrophic injury.


Preparation is essential for ensuring that your property is protected regardless of the weather. Most importantly, snow and ice are not to be taken lightly. As a company owner, clearing your property alone is always difficult, especially if you’re expected to work a full day.

Preventing slip and fall incidents is necessary for companies attempting to reopen locations frequently subjected to heavy snowfall and freezing conditions.

This needs the expertise, tools, and attention of skilled service providers. A slip and fall accident occurs in a fraction of a second, but the consequences can be severe and endure much longer.

Skipping Bulk Salt for Snow Removal to save a few bucks now may cost you a broken arm or a leg later! Remember that preventing problems is easier and less expensive than dealing with them after they arise.

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