How Startups Can Use Online Faxes To Their Advantage

March 9, 2023

Fax machines have been an invaluable tool for transmitting documents and communicating effectively. Even with the internet age, it’s still used by millions of firms in different trades, but now without fax machines. Yes, one can already send faxes entirely online!

But should your startup also make a move and jump into online faxing from the traditional fax? Or you’re better off sticking with fax machines? The truth is that online faxing is worth it. Even established businesses are making the switch. Here are four ways to use it for your business and enjoy its advantages.

hand man are using a fax machine in the office, equipment for data transmission.

1. Transmit Sensitive Data Securely

It’s safe to send documents via online faxing. That’s because companies providing online faxing services use encryption to secure all data transmissions. They mostly use end-to-end encryption to ensure all information is safe before and after delivery. It means one can only send and receive a fax using public and private keys.

With online faxing, you can be sure your document will not fall into the wrong hands since you can choose the target recipient who will know how to decrypt the message. Since it’s now possible to send a fax online with MyFax and other online fax companies without worrying about unauthorized access, a startup can take advantage of it by transmitting sensitive data within the company or to third-party organizations.

2. Send And Receive Fax Anywhere, Anytime

Online faxing allows you to transact business and dispatch faxes from anywhere, unlike the old fax machines stationed in one place. That’s because any fax sent and received through an online fax provider is saved on the cloud, so you or your authorized staff and customers can open the file through the portal regardless of their location. As long as you have access to the internet, you can also open and dispatch faxes from a computer or telephone anytime. The flexibility offered by online faxing benefits startups that have team members on the field or working remotely.

3. Save Space In the Office

Office space is crucial for a startup company, especially for a budding team. And using online faxes can save you lots of room in your office. Traditional fax machines are bulky, and getting rid of them means enough space for storing other crucial office equipment as well as eliminating the need to store printed documents. Yes, since online faxing saves files on the cloud and one can retrieve any fax from their email inbox or fax portal anywhere and anytime, there’s no need to carry or file physical documents anymore. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the risk of a fire breaking out or lost files.

Many companies that use traditional fax machines are flooded with heaps of paper and old documents, which occupy too much space. Startups with a smaller office space should take advantage of online faxing if they still use traditional fax machines.

4. Use The Budget For Fax Machine Maintenance To Fund Other Business Initiatives

There’s no need to worry about maintenance costs when using online faxes. You install an app on your smartphone or laptop, pay a subscription fee, and then you can start online faxing. A fax machine is like any other; it needs a routine checkup, repairs, and upkeep. Sometimes you might have to purchase a new fax machine which is a significant expense. However, online faxing will help you to save money that could be used for other expenses.

5. Show People That The Company Is A Green Business

Fax machines consume a lot of power and use too much paper. But switching to online faxing means no paper and less energy wastage, leading to a greener workplace. With sustainability being a trend worldwide these days, consumers consider how green a business is when making purchase decisions. That’s something that startups should ponder. If you want to improve your brand’s reputation and boost customer loyalty in your business, show your target market that your company is environmentally friendly. And one simple way to do that is by switching from traditional faxing to online fax.

Final Thoughts

Online fax is a game changer. And startups should know how to take advantage of it to boost their business. With online faxing, you don’t only create a more productive and secure workplace – may it be a physical office or a virtual one, you’ll also save money from maintenance expenses that you can use to fund other business initiatives. Add to it the fact that online faxing is more environmentally friendly, so switching to it from the traditional fax makes your company greener. You can benefit from the sustainability trend and improve your brand’s reputation as a result.

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