How To Increase Safety in Your Parking Lot

February 8, 2023
How To Increase Safety in Your Parking Lot

Parking structures are important regardless of the type of business you run. Customers, employees, vendors, and others need a place to park their vehicles while they run in. However, a surprisingly high number of accidents occur in parking lots, and most of the time, it’s because of improper safety protocols. If you’re wondering how to increase safety in your parking lot, here are a few helpful tips to help cut down on accidents.

Proper Lighting

A large percentage of car accidents happen in the early morning and early evening, when natural light is low. In fact, improper lighting is a leading cause of collisions in parking areas because of poor visibility. Using the right fixtures and knowing where to put them are both essential to improving your parking lot lighting. Overall, better lighting makes things safer for everyone.

Visible Signs

One way to increase safety in your parking lot is to have all necessary information as visible as possible. For example, if a parking lane only moves in one direction, having a clearly labeled arrow on the road may reduce the number of people driving the wrong way. Have signs that help guide people to the exit or any other important place. The fewer people you have experiencing frustration in your parking area, the safer it’s likely to be for everyone.

Safety Mirrors

Poor visibility is one of the leading causes of collisions in parking lots, but visibility issues don’t always come from a lack of lighting. In some situations, sharp corners may limit a driver’s field of view, or tall plants or trees in a median may cause an obstruction. If you notice an area where these collisions are more commonplace, we suggest installing safety mirrors. These mirrors allow drivers to see around areas without needing to pull their vehicles out too far.

By identifying the causes of trouble in your parking area, you can focus on what solutions work best for you and those who need to park in your lot. Reducing the risk of a single accident can make a huge difference.

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