How To Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean

September 8, 2022

The importance of keeping your office kitchen clean is clear, it allows your company to create and build a safe and comfortable working environment, something very important to maintain occupational health and wellbeing standards (Source: NPH Group) in any company

Working in a clean and healthy space can build productivity and efficiency among employees. Having a clean kitchen is even more important in these current times as clean spaces stop the spread of viruses and allow employees to stay healthy at all times.

Your company may not want to pay for a professional cleaning company but buying wholesale cleaning products may allow you to clean up after yourself and keep your office kitchen clean.

A messy working environment can be distracting and stop employees working to the best of their ability. It can also give a bad impression to prospective clients that visit the office, that is why it is vital to keep communal areas clean and sanitary.

Here are some top tips to help keep your office kitchen clean at all times.

Clean Up After Yourself

Cleaning up after yourself is the simplest way to try and keep your communal office kitchen clean. It is something you will need anywhere you go, whether a serviced apartment (more information), office space or shared workspace. Clean and tidy spaces always bring higher productivity with them.

During the day most employees will use the office kitchen, whether this is to make themselves a cup of coffee or tea or to heat up the food that they have brought from home.

This can sometimes create a mess, with a spillage or just simply with plates and cutlery left around. However, creating a culture where people clean up after themselves can help keep the office kitchen clean.

Using kitchen sprays such as disinfectants and other cleaning products can make it easy for employees to clean up a spillage or any mess that they might have caused in the kitchen.

Clean Communal Surfaces

However, not everyone undertakes the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves and this can cause dirt to build up in communal cleaning areas.

Therefore it is important to make sure that communal surfaces are cleaned regularly. This includes appliances that people might not realise are dirty or are just left untouched such as toasters and microwaves.

Having a cleaning rota in the office and the right cleaning supplies for electronics can make sure that these communal areas stay clean even if they are left dirty by those that used them.

Discuss Kitchen Cleaning With Colleagues

Discussing kitchen cleaning with colleagues is a great way to build a clean and hygienic culture within the office.

When everyone is on the same page with the importance of keeping the kitchen clean and you set a good example then other employees will follow. Having rules signposted around the office might help remind colleagues of their collective responsibility to keep areas clean.

Take Out The Bins

Taking out the bins is a key but easy way to keep the office clean and can guard the office from dust and bugs.

Having good, strong and steady industrial bin bags means that it can be easier for you to take out the bins without worries of spillages or breakages in the bags.

A regular bin routine will allow the kitchen to stay decluttered as well as make sure that things are thrown away when they should be.

It is also important that leftovers are thrown away. Leaving food in the fridge can attract bugs and unwanted diseases into the office. A weekly clear out of the fridge as well as things such as communal milk is a great way to keep the office kitchen clean.

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