Introducing Tabular: The Future of Email Design Just Landed

October 25, 2023

The Web Dev’s Answer to Modern Email Challenges

Having observed the web development scene since 2008, it was evident that there was a gaping hole in the industry. Email design, despite its critical importance, had not seen a significant upgrade to meet the changing dynamics of digital consumption. Tabular emerges as the timely answer to this. It doesn’t just offer a design solution; it promises a revolution in email creation.

Why Tabular is a Game-Changer

  • Tailored for the Mobile Age: With half the global email opens projected to be on mobile devices this year, Tabular’s emphasis on crafting impeccable mobile-first designs cannot be more timely. If your email doesn’t shine on a smartphone screen, you’re losing out. Tabular ensures that doesn’t happen.
  • Figma-Esque Intuitiveness: Drawing inspiration from design tools that developers adore, Tabular recreates a design experience reminiscent of working in Figma. This means a smoother learning curve and a delightful user interface.
  • Bulletproof HTML, Automatically: Tabular’s proprietary algorithm crafts hybrid mobile-first responsive email code that’s just solid. No more fidgeting with lines of code to make sure it looks good everywhere; Tabular has it covered.

Design for All, and For All Purposes

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Send transactional emails for your trending app.
  • Unveil a captivating marketing campaign.
  • Share newsletters that readers can’t resist.
  • Or create diverse email templates for a slew of clients.

Tabular simplifies the process, making the design not just a necessity but an enjoyable venture.

Seamless Integration, Multiple Platforms

For those who dread the transition between design and delivery, Tabular has some comforting news. With 18 built-in integrations, emails crafted on Tabular can directly be uploaded and dispatched using prominent email platforms like SendGrid, Postmark, and Mailgun. This seamless connection ensures that the design’s quality is maintained during delivery, offering a consistent brand experience.

However, if you have a specific platform in mind, Tabular’s got your back. The tool allows you to download or copy the email’s HTML, which can be integrated into almost any major email sending platform. It’s flexible and accommodating, precisely what the modern digital ecosystem demands.

A Library That Inspires

Don’t know where to start? Feeling uninspired? Tabular has a remedy for that too.

The platform hosts a collection of pre-made blocks, allowing designers to kickstart their creative journey. And if you’re looking for more structured guidance, there’s an entire library of email templates waiting to be explored, adapted, and sent out.

Experience It to Believe It

For those skeptical about promises of revolutions, Tabular offers a sneak peek into its world. Check out the random email demo here and experience firsthand the transformation that’s set to redefine the email design landscape.

In conclusion, Tabular isn’t just another tool in a saturated market; it’s a fresh perspective, a breath of innovation, and a clear understanding of what the future of email design needs. With its intuitive features, seamless integrations, and vast library, Tabular isn’t just setting new standards—it’s challenging everyone else to catch up.

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