Job Site Tips for Winter Construction Projects

October 6, 2022
Job Site Tips for Winter Construction Projects

Although Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose just yet, it’s always best to prepare for winter. For construction workers, adjusting to frigid temperatures is challenging but not impossible. Follow these job site tips for winter construction projects.

Always Be Aware of the Weather Forecast

Tracking the weather forecast is important during every season, especially winter. Blizzards and storms can delay projects. By watching the forecast, managers can set expectations for the week. For example, managers can cancel workdays if a blizzard is coming. This prevents workers from commuting through inclement weather to job sites.

Winterize Equipment and Tools

Changing fuel, adjusting coolants, and inspecting equipment are all ways to winterize your job site equipment and tools. Adjusting items with the weather allows you to utilize the equipment without fear of breakdowns. You can also winterize things by adding protective layers. For example, weather can affect dump truck liners by causing loads to stick to the truck bed. That’s why it’s essential to install a liner that performs well in frigid temperatures.

Remove Snow and Ice

Some of the most common workplace injuries are slips and falls. When snow and ice are present in the environment, you’re more likely to sustain injuries. Cold surfaces on walkways, scaffolds, and stairs become dangerous to workers. You should remove snow and ice from the job site to prevent accidents. Shoveling and throwing rock salt on the ground gets rid of icy surfaces.

Limit Outdoor Exposure

Unlike summer, fall, and spring, workers can’t spend long periods outside during winter. The freezing temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. To avoid complications, you must make heating stations available to workers. These are heated rooms where employees can warm their bodies. Frequent breaks in warm stations prevent prolonged weather exposure. Workers can utilize the room throughout the work day!

Follow Guidelines To Maintain Materials

Following guidelines to maintain materials is a crucial tip for winter construction projects. Materials like concrete can’t freeze for the first 24 hours after placement. If the weather is too cold, the concrete will crack. During the wintertime, it’s necessary to factor in environmental concerns. Before using materials, follow proper guidelines to ensure they will hold up during inclement weather. If some things require warmer temperatures, wait until the weather is ideal.

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