Revolutionary Emerging Tech Startups Taking Silicon Valley By Storm

February 6, 2024

In recent years, the startup scene has seen a noticeable boom all over the world, and the Netherlands is no exception. However, what’s more fascinating is the burgeoning wave of recently established startups in ‘s-graveland and ‘s-gravendeel, Noord-Holland, and Zuid-Holland respectively, contributing to a variety of sectors including manufacturing, education, e-commerce, automotive, food and beverage, and more. This article will guide you through some notable startups that began in 2020 or beyond, operating from these Dutch towns.

The rise of these innovative companies demonstrates the potential held by these regions in fostering entrepreneurship and incubating new ideas. Each startup has its own unique journey and set of achievements, which we will now delve into individually. From material handling solutions to graphic design services and automotive retail, these companies are setting new benchmarks and introducing innovations in their respective industries.

Here, we highlight each startup’s founding details, business descriptions, and locations, providing valuable insights about their operations and contributions to their relevant sectors. From their inception in 2020, these startups have exhibited resilience, innovation, and the drive to make a difference in an increasingly digitized world.


Located in ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, Eurosort specializes in manufacturing, sales, and transportation. They offer a wide range of customizable sorting solutions for warehouse and distribution applications.


Another ‘s-graveland based startup, INVK, operates in the education, non-profit, and training sectors. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded in ‘s-graveland, BookSpot operates in the e-commerce industry, providing a platform for eBooks and other internet services. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Pos Service Holland

Specializing in automotive, retail, and wholesale, Pos Service Holland is another prominent startup based in ‘s-graveland. You can engage with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Bard 87

Bard 87, headquartered in ‘s-graveland, is a graphic design, personal branding, and web design startup. Check their website for further information.


Automotive and e-commerce startup Bandenthuis, also located in ‘s-graveland, can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fishing Info Europe

In ‘s-graveland, Noord-Holland, Fishing Info Europe is a startup focusing on adventure travel, boating, and marine transportation.

Bickery Food Group

Operating in the food and beverage sector, Bickery Food Group is also based in ‘s-graveland. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn

Viscon Group

Over in ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, the Viscon Group is making strides in the agriculture, food and beverage, industrial automation, and manufacturing sectors. They offer industrial automation solutions in the Agro and food industry. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn

Visser Horti Systems

Also in ‘s-gravendeel, Visser Horti Systems provides an extensive range of services in the agriculture, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

DCM Agency

Another startup from ‘s-gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, DCM Agency operates in advertising, B2B, lead generation, SEO, and web design fields. You can interact with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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