Revolutionary Green Technology Startups Thriving in New York City

January 29, 2024

In this era of technological advancement, startups have been at the forefront of innovation, developing new products and services that generate both economic growth and solutions to societal challenges. These startups are the growth engine of every industry, touching on diverse sectors such as manufacturing, education, and e-commerce. This article highlights some notable startups, through a closer look at their missions, backgrounds and offerings. All startups in focus were birthed no later than 2020 and are headquartered in the Netherlands.

's-Graveland and 's-Gravendeel in Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland respectively have seen a surge in startup activity. Each startup is uniquely positioned within its industry to provide innovative solutions in this fast-paced global market. From manufacturing and sales to education and non-profit, the range of industries covered by these startups is diverse, reflecting the broad opportunities present within the Netherlands and further afield.

This list of startups gives an overview of their backgrounds, industry focus, and all linked directly to their respective websites. Consider this your concise directory to some of the most dynamic startups in the Netherlands, destined to shape the future of business and society.


Located in 's-graveland, Noord-Holland, Eurosort operates in the Manufacturing, Sales, and Transportation industry. It offers an array of customizable sorters for various warehousing and distribution applications. With its innovative solutions, Eurosort aims to address the challenges faced by industries such as e-commerce order fulfillment, postal sorting, and returns management. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.


Based in the same locale is INVK, an organization committed to education, non-profit, and training. To stay connected with them, follow INVK on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


In the e-commerce space, BookSpot, also based in 's-graveland, operates in the E-commerce, EBooks, and Internet industry. Stay updated with their activities via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Pos Service Holland

Pos Service Holland is a startup that operates within the Automotive, Retail, and Wholesale industry. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bard 87

For those seeking innovative solutions within the Graphic Design, Personal Branding, and Web Design field, look no further than Bard 87.


In the Automotive, E-Commerce sector, Bandenthuis shakes the ground. Stay connected with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fishing Info Europe

For anything Adventure Travel, Boating, Marine Transportation, Fishing Info Europe is the startup to watch.

Bickery Food Group

Also located in 's-graveland is Bickery Food Group, a company revamping the Food and Beverage, Transportation, Warehousing industry. You can catch updates from them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Viscon Group

Moving on to 's-Gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, we find Viscon Group enhancing the Agricultural, Food and Beverage, Industrial Automation, and Manufacturing sectors with Mr. Jan Visser at the helm. You can learn more about their activities on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Visser Horti Systems

Visser Horti Systems provides diverse services including but not limited to transplanters, seeders, tray fillers, and irrigation systems. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for updates.

DCM Agency

Finally, in the realm of Advertising, B2B, Lead Generation, SEO, and Web Design, DCM Agency is creating a buzz. Connect with the agency on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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