Revolutionizing Design Workflow: Introducing dotBRAND Survey Genie

July 24, 2023

The business world has seen a multitude of productivity tools in the last few years, each claiming to be the magic bullet for inefficiency. Today, we delve into one that truly stands out from the pack – dotBRAND Survey Genie, a revolutionary tool aimed specifically at graphic designers.

Bridging the Design Gap

Graphic design projects often involve a back-and-forth process of communication that can consume significant amounts of time, particularly at the onset. From gathering client preferences to creating the initial design proposal, this process is traditionally labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Enter dotBRAND Survey Genie, a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline this process using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By collecting client information, data, and design preferences, the Survey Genie generates project presentations, recommendations, and design suggestions, eliminating the friction from the process and freeing up the designers to do what they do best – design.

The Genie’s Magic: Features and Functionality

Unleash your design potential with dotBRAND Survey Genie’s impressive list of features:

Unlimited Surveys – Keep the data flowing without limitation.

Customizable Survey Forms – Apply your unique touch to every form.

Ready-Made Survey Forms – Tailored specifically for designers to save time.

Brief Automation – Breeze through the drafting process.

Design Suggestion Automation – Generate insightful design recommendations in no time.

It’s All in the Pricing

Offering excellent value for money, dotBRAND Survey Genie is available at an annual price of $59.99 (or $4.99/month), encompassing all its features. But what’s even more enticing is the 14-day FREE TRIAL, allowing you to test the waters before you commit. And as an added bonus, you can get an extra $10 off until 8/7/2023 with the discount code: PH100FF.

Keeping an Eye on the Future

The team behind dotBRAND Survey Genie is not resting on their laurels. Their plans for future upgrades include the development of image generation and PowerPoint creation capabilities, further broadening the scope of this revolutionary tool.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dotBRAND Survey Genie is more than just another productivity tool. It’s a game-changer in the design industry, shifting the balance of work back to where it belongs – letting designers design and leaving the rest to their AI-powered assistant.

As stated by the founder, Kevin Lu, “We firmly believe that having thorough and effective communication at the beginning of a project will determine the success of the initial proposal – the key to the overall project’s success.”

dotBRAND Survey Genie has evidently lived up to this belief, providing a platform that fosters effective communication and saves significant time, resulting in more successful proposals and happy clients.

To those who have ever found themselves mired in the logistical labyrinth of design project initiation, dotBRAND Survey Genie may be the lifesaver you’ve been waiting for. The future of design workflow is here, and it’s as magical as a genie.

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