SaaS For Walk-in Medical Clinics

April 28, 2021

A tech company based in Ottawa-Canada has created an interesting SaaS offering for walk-in clinics to help manage their appointments using QR code and HTML design.

Taleam Systems was founded in 2011 by Melad Ahmadzai with a mission to provide computer services at affordable prices. The tech business is partnered with technology giants such as Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, and Malwarebytes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Taleam Systems created a number of technological solutions in order to help the healthcare sector specifically in the Ottawa area.

These solutions include the most recent one that Taleam Systems developed which is managing walk-in medical appointments.

The problem:

According to the World Health Organization, The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted from person to person who are in close distance with each other that is sitting together, handshaking, eating together, etc. As such, the lockdown has tried to reduce these transmissions, but unfortunately, the Coronavirus situation has worsened. This is especially true for the walk-in medical clinics which continue to provide care to patients.

The solution:

To better help sick patients who attend walk-in clinics for care, Taleam Systems has created a new integrative healthcare solution. Using QR Code and HTML design to present to the patient when their turn is on a smartphone would help not only curb transmissions but will also solve the current limited space in the waiting area.

How the solution works?

According to Melad Ahmadzai, the CEO of Taleam Systems says, “We worked hard to create a new web-based solution for medical clinics to manage their patient walk-in appointments.” This solution will also help sick patients to benefit in terms of showing up for their appointment when their turn becomes to see a doctor. They do not have to wait at the clinic centre to be called, instead, they just show up when the phone displays their name in green.

How many medical clinics will benefit?

There are more than 20 walk-in clinics just in the Ottawa area according to Google maps, and the plan of Taleam Systems is to help these clinics initially get set up. The business would also consider expanding to provide the solution to Toronto, Montreal, and other cities in the future depending on the availability of resources and interest.

About the CEO:

Melad Ahmadzai is the CEO of Taleam Systems and has 10 years track record in the IT/computer industry. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Global Health and has completed a number of technology training. He has shared this solution with the private sector and with other interested organizations and he is pleased to see a lot of interest in his solution. During the pandemic, he has also provided computer training to youth and newcomers to Canada. The business also hopes at some point to make the new healthcare solution available as an open-source to the wider public including to web designers and other solution integrators, so that, it can be further developed and enhanced.

Experience Counts:

Taleam Systems is a partner with Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, and Malwarebytes which positions the business to offer state-of-the-art solutions and quality products to end-users and to medical clinics. The business was founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing computer services and products but now develops healthcare solutions as well. Also, Taleam Systems CEO is keeping up with the latest technology updates from partners such as the latest Windows 10 update release 21H1 from Microsoft in April, and Intel’s new 11th gen processor.

Ahmadzai says, “We are better positioned unlike other tech companies to provide advice and support to all those who interact with the business”.

Although, Taleam Systems is mainly a computer support company, but they see the importance of partnering with healthcare sector as explained in this article.

To learn more about Taleam Systems visit the website at

If you would like to request the prototype of this healthcare solution, please reach out to the business.

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