Shanghai’s Innovative Startups Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Landscape

January 29, 2024

As an epicenter of technological innovation, Shanghai is a thriving hub for startups, particularly in the rapidly evolving 3D printing industry. The city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem supports numerous new ventures each year, a significant number of which are in sectors like manufacturing, software, and hardware, taking advantage of advancements in 3D technology. Despite the challenges of 2020, various startups have risen, cementing Shanghai’s reputation as a startup stronghold. This article highlights several 2020 Shanghai startups making strides in the 3D printing industry.

Black Ship

Cofounded and spearheaded by Danyan Shen, Black Ship hopes to revolutionise the 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Manufacturing, and Software industry. While specific details about their operations remain sparse, their dedication to the progression of these sectors is undeniable.


Ricky Ye’s brainchild, DFRobot, has made a mark by blending 3D printing and STEM education. The company, a source for open hardware and stem education solutions, provides comprehensive kits for students, encouraging an active interest in robotics and other STEM subjects. Find out more about DFRobot by following their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

MetalThinks 金思维技术

MetalThinks 金思维技术, another growing startup in the 3D Printing industry, seeks to leave their mark on this dynamic market. As a newcomer, the company is anticipated to bring fresh perspectives in its manufacturing segment.


Founded by Liyue Zheng, MakerThink operates in various sectors, including 3D Printing, Information Technology, and Manufacturing. The company is expected to provide innovative solutions, combining different segments. Follow on Twitter for updates..

Ruika Zhizhi

Ruika Zhizhi is growing fast in a highly specialized sector that combines 3D Printing, 3D Technology, and Electronics operations. Although the details about this startup remain limited, the market anticipates the influence they’ll have within this competitive space.


Spearheaded by founders Avery-Anne Gervais and Chris Tweten, CLAWZ offers a unique product that merges 3D Printing with the Art, Beauty, and Fashion industry. The company creates reusable, 3D-printed fingernail jewelry, which can be applied without damaging natural nails. Further information on CLAWZ can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and by following their Twitter account.


Borne out of its founder, Huamin Li’s vision, AngelAlign is making a difference in the healthcare and medical device arenas through its 3D printing operations. The company’s contributions are shaping the medical landscape, although further details are yet to be disclosed.


INTAMSYS, under the leadership of founder Charles Han, offers state-of-the-art 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance materials. The company targets industries like aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronic manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, and scientific research. Find INTAMSYS on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.


XUBERANCE, heralded by founder Steven Ma as a distinctive 3D Printing design brand, creates both small and large-scale objects. Their creative process is hallmarked by an analytical approach to product design and fabrication.


As a pioneering developer of 3D-printed PEEK medical implants, Medvance merges healthcare and 3D printing. By leveraging Evonik’s raw materials, the company aims to bring innovative solutions to patients and doctors globally.

Shuzao Keji

Shuzao Keji operates in the 3D Printing and Manufacturing space. Specializing in producing high-tech equipment like 3D printers and 3D scanners, they offer sophisticated 3D digital solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn for updates.

In conclusion, from 3D printed medical solutions to consumer electronics and innovative jewelry, the mentioned startups are taking Shanghai’s 3D printing industry by storm. Despite their relatively young age, these companies prove that when it comes to advanced technology, the future is now.

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