Rami Bitar’s Tawfeer Supermarkets Opens New Branch at Zouk Mosbeh

June 6, 2022

Tawfeer Supermarkets will open a new branch at Zouk Mosbeh soon. The store’s metropolitan feel allows for a comfortable and luxurious shopping experience, comprised of a spacious multiplex location. The new location’s product assortment features more than 1,000 local items from Lebanon and a more extensive hand-picked curation of international goods.

Tawfeer Supermarkets’ Zouk Branch will also debut several new products, including French dressing from Rio Santo, crackers from Croco, hazelnut cappuccino coffee from Caffino, fusilli shortcuts from Deroni, and assorted cookie selections from Obsessions.

In an interview with Mr. Rami Bitar Lebanon, CEO of Tawfeer Supermarkets, he says: “It comes with a lot of pride to see your business grow because of not only demand, but customer loyalty and need. We are already present in most Lebanese territories and venturing into Zouk Mosbeh has been in the works for quite some time. We absolutely love the area and the location of our branch. It is at the epicenter of Keserwan and we hope to become a staple for all of the local residents.”

Features of the Tawfeer store include an array of organic, conventional, local and international produce. Furthermore, there will be a full-service meat counter, with butchers available to cut steaks to order or debone poultry. Bakery offering made-from-scratch bread, as well as everyday favorites, will be available. A wide variety of special diet items and an assortment of organic goods can also be found at the new branch location.

All foods and care products at Tawfeer Supermarkets must meet the company’s rigorous quality standards.

“We pride ourselves in consistency among many other things. It is our promise to every Tawfeer customer that the quality of service you receive is unanimously coherent across all our branches”.

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