The Best Lesser-Known Casino Destination to Travel to

May 17, 2022

Even if you are not a passionate gambler, you probably know that Las Vegas and Atlantic City are among the world’s greatest casino destinations. Those who don’t gamble at all tend to know this as well, at least from the movies.

As famous as Las Vegas is, Macau is bigger than it, as it has several times larger gambling industry. This, of course, makes it another dream gambling destination known to many. And if we are thinking of Europe, for sure our mind will immediately go to Monaco where James Bond gambled and which the band ABBA sang about.

But we can think of multiple reasons one would want to dig deeper and beyond these obvious choices when choosing a gambling destination to travel to. From having visited them already to simply not being able to afford to visit them. That is why in this article we bring you a list of lesser-known places to go and try your luck at.

Salzburg’s gambling with classical music

The city within proximity to the Alps, Salzburg is famous as composer Mozart’s birthplace and its architecture, but not as a gambling heaven. But it definitely could be promoted as one.

If you are searching for a gambling piece of paradise in Europe, this city in Austria is the place for you. Casino Salzburg has a variety of games, it’s located in a scenic Klessheim Castle and it’s famous for having a great chef. It also has a long history as it was first opened in 1934.

So if you like baroque-style architecture and a view of the Alps while playing a game of poker, here is a little gem for you.

The Slots of Mississippi

For those living in the USA, Las Vegas or Atlantic City might sound cheesy and boring as a place to visit for some casino tourism. Also, they might not be affordable. And travelers from other parts of the world to the States can have similar reasons to skip these usual places.

So what if we tell you there is another perfect gambling destination in America? It’s

the state of Mississippi and until recently it was the second-largest gambling state just after New Jersey. We guess that it lacks popularity because it’s not portrayed in the cinematography as much as in the previously mentioned American cities.

If you are wondering which Mississippi cities to visit for dice throwing, we suggest Biloxi where you will find Vegas-like casino resorts and where you can find out is there a trick to slot machines while doing some fine dining or playing golf. Our other suggestion is the lovely town of Tunica, a favorite among the high-rollers, as there are no limits there.

Gambling near the beach in the Bahamas

When someone says the Bahamas, your mind probably goes to beautiful beaches and amazing weather. Unless you are a huge fan of poker, in which case you probably know that Nassau in the Bahamas is the place where PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is happening.

The tropical paradise is an ideal place to visit if you want to spend time on the beach when taking a break from gambling. You can choose from at least three resorts, the most famous being the one called Atlantis.

Chances for rain of wins in London

The British capital is an amazing city for so many reasons, and we want to add great casinos to that list as well. If it’s on your bucket list to visit the city for a picture with Big Ben and maybe a glimpse of the Queen, you might want to add checking out a casino or two to your list as well.

But even if you want to travel somewhere just for some gambling tourism, London will not disappoint you. Most of the casinos have the vibe and the style of the good old days. And of course, an enormous number of games to choose from.

It’s worth mentioning that, while there is a certain dress code in these places, of course, experienced players say that it’s quite enjoyable to go for casual elegance rather than usual Vegas glamor. If you agree with this way of thinking, well that’s another reason to book some tickets to London.

Singapore’s Marina experience

We are sure you wanted to see another gambling destination in Asia, as we only mentioned the famous Macau so far. The problem is, on this continent, there aren’t many places where land-based gambling is legal. But there is Singapore, and what a destination that is.

The island city-state is one of the so-called Four Asian Tigers, which means it’s pretty rapidly growing economically, and simply put, it’s a rich nation. That among other things makes it a great place to gamble, although this is not familiar to many.

Singapore’s most famous casino is Marina Sands Bay Casino. It’s a great place to gamble and also an amazing landmark to visit. Here baccarat is by far the most popular game, but poker tournaments are an everyday thing also.

To conclude

We hope at least one of these great destinations fits your desires as well as your budget. No matter which one you decide to visit, you’ll certainly have a great time. All you need is a bit of luck on your side as well.

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