The Best Management Tools for Freelancers: A Buyers Guide and Reviews of The Best Options

Every company that hopes to be successful must have a system in place for managing the flow of work. Planning, coordination and team-work are all necessary for freelancers to achieve project implementation. Time management and open communication amongst team members.

It is possible to plan and manage projects, allocate resources, keep track of progress and complete tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner with the help of project management software. In order to stay on track with projects and meet deadlines, it’s critical to have the right tools. Organisations can perform more efficiently and cooperatively, whether they are working remotely or on-site.

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At a glance:

Best Overall

✅ Endlessly customizable and quite powerful

✅ Supports automations, input from web forms, proofing and approvals.


✅ Planning and setting objectives with the team.

✅ Flexible and customizable in terms of setting up a workflow.

Best invoicing

✅ Can manage both projects and ongoing work.

✅ New intelligent features flag projects at risk of slipping.


✅ Keep an overview.

✅ Extensive customization of virtual workplace.


✅ Great customization options.

✅ Billing and invoicing included.

✅ Free account available.

How to choose the best project management software for freelancers?

In picking project management software, there are several factors to take into account. Understanding the software’s needs and how you plan to achieve those objectives is vital. A successful project requires that you take into account the needs and goals of your intended audience. Take a look at the project’s constraints and the tools you want to employ before you begin. Making a selection on management software requires consideration of several basic factors.

  • Price: Pricing is an important consideration since it helps you determine whether the product is within your set budget. It’s critical to consider both the tool’s price and the amount of time it will save you, since both affect the outcome of your project. Compare the tool’s feature set to those of other comparable products to get a feel of how much you are receiving for your money. Consider how much time and money a decent piece of software may save your company each month.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Transmitting information must be easy, clear, and routine in order to be effective in project management. The goals you establish for yourself and the people with whom you communicate them with will have a significant impact on the tools you choose. When working on a project that necessitates a lot of communication, it’s a good idea to think about how much sharing and cooperation the product encourages.
  • Integrations: In order to enhance production and ensure data integrity, all systems must be interconnected. You can decrease the impact of system changes by reducing the complexity of inter-system interactions. You should keep this in mind if you’re working in the field of project management.
  • Ease of Use: In order to maximise productivity, all users of project management software are looking for an easy-to-use tool. Software development initiatives need easy-to-use project management tools. You can save time and effort by implementing a simple piece of software. The quality of a product’s user experience determines whether or not you continue to use it.
  • User Count: The number of users will have the same effect on the project’s budget and end product as does price. Consider both the present and future scopes of a project when selecting an appropriate tool for managing it. For huge projects or rapid development of your business, you may have to pay per employee.
  • Time: The potential of the project management software to save time is a big selling feature for the programme. Even if you have to pay for a piece of software, your time is still valuable since it might save you money.

Your project’s methodology, goals, and practices are all that matter alongside what you want your outcome to be and how long you’d like to take to reach it. The choice is yours in the end. Knowing how long your project will take will help you decide on the best software for the job at hand. When you’re planning your project, don’t use any software that won’t work for it.

Best Project Management Software for Freelancers

Smart Sheet Review: Best overall Project Management software

It is possible to keep track of several projects and tasks at the same time with Smartsheet’s help. You’ll never miss a deadline again because Smartsheet maintains track of your schedule. With a mobile app, you can access and modify your project from any location, no matter where you are.

Smartsheet is a project management tool that lets you start from scratch. This programme is great if you like working with spreadsheets.

When it comes to collecting reports from many sheets, the program’s adaptability makes it simple and flexible for agencies of all sizes. You can simply identify critical customers and activities at any given moment owing to “to-do” list reporting.

An attached document, proof, reminder, or chat option may be added to each row of the spreadsheet to help the team work more effectively. Organizing and managing a vast quantity of specific information is made easier using Smartsheet’s advanced features.

Managing projects and keeping track of progress are just a few of the many uses for Smartsheet. Businesses may grow quickly by using this strategy. Tasks and activities may be accomplished more quickly with a user-friendly interface and flexibility. Smartsheet makes it easy to provide critical information in an attractive visual format.

Monday Project Management Review: Most user-friendly’s dashboard makes it easy to view what your team members are working on. It’s easy to use, too, thanks to the excellent customer relationship management (CRM) tool it provides. Classification is easy due to the system’s design and customer relationship management technologies. is a fantastic resource for anybody working in a project who wants to review content, offer comments, or communicate ideas with others because of its straightforward design and simplicity of use. When you sign up for, you’ll get email alerts and be able to contact a number of government offices. It’s easier to keep on track when you can see all of your upcoming deadlines.

Anyone seeking an all-encompassing service should choose Besides CRM, it has features for managing projects, keeping track of funds, and keeping track of administrative duties.

With this programme, you can access anything from one workspace to whole teams, boards, and even individual things. A vast variety of data may be stored in columns. Current actions may be recorded and participants engaged, and new areas can be added using existing procedures.

You may quickly and simply construct new processes utilising’s templates. Since new papers are created in the same way, the usage of templates reduces the amount of time it takes to create new documents. On Monday, you’ll get free templates for project portfolios and team management.’s templates may be customised to fit any purpose.

Wrike Review: Best invoicing

For organising projects and tasks, Wrike is a fantastic free application. Wrike has both scheduling and task management, as well as integrated group work reporting, making it a great option. Project administration is made easier with the help of these great tools, which enable users to manage their schedules more effectively. Using Wrike, users may develop project plans and do the best work in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Wrike allows all members of your team to access real-time updates, dashboard sharing, document uploads, and document downloads. When it comes to project management and reporting, Wrike is one of the best. Dashboards and budgeting tools may be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Using Wrike, you may cooperate with others on a wide range of projects and come up with fresh ideas. This programme has grown into a powerful tool for managing projects, from corporate strategy to individual product development. Cross-departmental cooperation has increased as internal communication and file-sharing have exploded.

Due to the ease with which several people may collaborate, Wrike has become a popular choice for businesses. Wrike may be used to manage a team in addition to product development and project management. The capacity of individuals to work together on projects has increased as communication and file sharing have become more commonplace. Using Wrike’s unique capabilities, firms are able to plan and budget better.

ClickUp Review: Most comprehensive

Dashboards on ClickUp’s cloud-based collaboration platform let you keep tabs on other company activities like marketing and sales in real time. The construction and building sectors may greatly benefit from the use of ClickUp as a process optimization tool.

ClickUp allows clients to keep track of all aspects of their internet business in order to accomplish their project management goals. Pop-ups or emails may also be used to provide notifications. It’s a good option when it comes to accessibility. Everything from accountancy to website design to marketing and assets can be managed from a one location.

ClickUp may assist in a variety of areas, including compliance, finances, accounting, task delegation, and project management. Having a list of things to accomplish and things to remember, such as impending goals and budget allocations, may help you stay organised.

Using ClickUp, customers may monitor all areas of their online company in order to meet their project management objectives. Notifications in the form of pop-ups and emails may also be used. It’s an excellent choice in terms of accessibility. Everything from bookkeeping and website design to marketing and assets can be handled in one spot.

Teamwork Review: Most affordable

A great tool for managing everyday tasks and projects is the Teamwork Project Platform. It’s a fantastic tool for managing projects. As a result of its simple layout, it allows teams to communicate from almost anywhere.

It is possible for everyone to see the most current version of every project in the folder. Assignments and subtasks may be given to anybody in the group, and they can be delegated to anyone else. An easy-to-use interface makes it possible for managers of all sizes to monitor results and performance statistics.

Collaboration within an organisation can be a flexible platform for meeting the demands of its members. As a team, Teamwork offers terrific methods to accomplish your goals for the year and make key choices. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to use. No additional settings are required, and the overview of the progress of each project is straightforward to explore.

Teamwork is available for as low as $18 a month. It’s a win-win scenario for the company’s consumers in the majority of circumstances.

Zoho Review - Honourable Mention

It is possible to manage and keep track of all project data with the help of Zoho’s incredible database. It’s one of the most affordable alternatives out there when compared to the competition.

Many helpful interfaces exist, like QuickBooks and Google applications. Additionally, the product features an integrated project module that makes it possible to use it anywhere.

If you’re looking for a large variety of high-quality connections, Zoho is a great choice. To avoid having to use this project management tool for everything, you’ll need dependable connections. Using this tool’s extensive charting options, a variety of jobs may be automated.

For the price, this software offers a lot of value and is ideal for anyone searching for an app that is easy to use. There is a timer that will remind you how long it has been since you last visited the site.

Summary - The best project management software for freelancers

Customers may find this Software to be a big advantage and tempting element since it allows organisations to handle all of their projects, promotions, staff and tasks from one location.

Smartsheet users have total creative freedom over the appearance and feel of their work areas. Smartsheet’s forms make it easy to enter data. A great resource that’s simple to work with, share, and customise. Printing many sheets and reports at once makes it easier for teams to collaborate.

On the off chance that you would prefer a different software, take a look at some alternatives below:

Monday Project Management

For your group on, you may create and administer incredibly customised and private boards based on the features you choose. Using, you and your team can work together to develop a customised board for your project.


Many complex capabilities are available to Wrike users, making it a good choice for project management. Because it’s thorough and up-to-date all the time, it’s ideal as a project management tool.


With this project management application, you can plan and schedule your tasks with ease. It’s also a terrific tool for teamwork and information exchange. Large groups of people may maintain track of the project at all times with this programme. Apart from creating Wikis, this programme provides a wide range of valuable integration capabilities not present in any other Wiki-related product at this time.


Both projects and freelancers may be tracked using this approach. It’s easy to keep track of how many hours you’ve worked and build up calendars that everyone can view with the help of this programme. To keep track of a project’s progress and make it easy for others to delegate duties and responsibilities, use this tool. Using the same user interface, other jobs may be tracked by using the management solutions offered by this business.


The other tools on our list, in contrast to Zoho, are more challenging to integrate. You may easily assign and delete jobs using widgets, and you can also make use of third-party solutions. Each action may be presented in a different way utilising this app’s excellent charting capability.

You may save a great deal of time by centralizing all of your project-related information. This new approach to project management will make the old one seems like a failure. If you utilise the best project management software, your day will be a lot easier.

Before making a final decision on a software package, take advantage of a free trial to ensure that your duties are completed to a high degree.

Project management software for freelancers FAQs

Why is project management software important?

Project management software is very helpful to track all of the steps of the projects that you are managing. You will be able to see all of the stages and steps of your project as well as the tasks that have to be completed within each stage when you use this kind of software. This is an important product for project management because everyone working on the project will be able to see everything they need to know about it at a glance. Being able to create shared timelines, calendars and tasks can be very helpful for any kind of project.

What are the uses of project management software?

This kind of software tool is made to help businesses and groups track tasks, timelines, calendar activities, and more in one location. Project management tools help large groups to collaborate more effectively and to maintain communication during all of the stages of the tasks that need to be done for a job. These kinds of tools can also help with invoicing and billing and they can help with communication with vendors and freelancers.

What are the types of software management for projects?

Most project management software tools are designed to track deadlines and work that a group is sharing. This can mean that freelancers, vendors, and other external workers can use the tool as well as internal team members. The other kind of software tool for this need is one that allows for invoicing along with project timeline management and team collaboration. Most of these tools will be made to offer all of the same features but invoicing and time management tools are typically only included in some of these softwares.

What are the main characteristics of software for project management?

These softwares are made to offer timeline management tools, task creation, and management tools, project widgets that allow for document links and uploads to be shared, and they offer shared calendars. The best of these tools will also allow invoicing and billing management. You will be able to track every kind of action that is needed for your project to be a success.

What are the types of activities in project management?

Project management requires sharing information with other team members and as a project manager, you must be sure that every aspect of your project is completed correctly and on time. Project management also requires invoicing and billing and work with freelancers and external workers of all kinds. The right project management software will make it possible to track all of these activities with ease in one location. Being able to share all the relevant information and timelines for a project in one location is critical to its success.

What are the Key Features of Project Management Software?

Project management software offers all the tools and features that are needed to manage a project with ease. You will get access to shared calendars, timelines that help track deadlines, sharing locations that allow for link sharing, access sharing, and document downloads. You will also get chat and discussion functionality that allows for everyone to talk about who needs to do what within each task. Task creation and management is also a part of these tools and with some of these softwares you can even track invoicing and billing.

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