The Recommended Internet Speed For A Small Business

May 12, 2023

After the pandemic, one of the biggest lessons for businesses was to go digital irrespective of the niche. Many companies have gone online after it; however, without any clue of the requirement of the internet speed. Sometimes, businesses overpay by going for an internet speed which is not fully utilized, and sometimes, they face issues because of choosing a slow internet speed. Therefore, it raises the question of the recommended internet speed for a small business.

What Determines The Internet Speed For A Small Business?

The primary factor deciding the internet speed for a business is the different online activities one pursues. If your network takes a lot of time to upload or download a file, use Speed Test to determine your current internet speed. When analyzing the required bandwidth, check whether you are using the internet for online browsing, social media and email, video conferencing, downloading and uploading large files or any software.

The heavier the online activity, the more bandwidth it will consume. For instance, the uploading speed should be high when dealing with large files. On Verizon, you can check your internet connection’s upload and download speed.

The second crucial factor that determines the internet speed is the number of users of the network along with the number of connected devices. It is because the number of devices used at once directly affects the internet bandwidth. Therefore, the more employees and devices in your small business, the more internet speed will be required.

How To Estimate Bandwidth Needs?

Firstly, list all the daily internet activities that one needs to do. This step should be followed by listing the bandwidth requirement of the online activities. For example, general browsing, social media and email activities require a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps. On the other hand, 10 Mbps is a must if one downloads files frequently through the internet.

After listing the amount of bandwidth the online activity requires, multiply the figure by the number of employees pursuing the online activity simultaneously. This final step will help you determine the internet speed requirement for your small business. However, please note that the calculation will shed light only on the estimated internet speed. Thus, going for a bit higher internet speed than the estimated figure is recommended.

What Is The Recommended Internet Speed For A Small Business?

If a small business only has 3 to 5 connected devices and the internet activities involve large-file downloading and business communication, the recommended internet device is 25 Mbps. However, the requirement for the downloading speed goes up to 75 Mbps when the number of connected devices lies between five to ten.

Similarly, for up to 15 devices, an internet speed of 150 Mbps is sufficient for the mentioned internet activities along with cloud computing, video conferencing and data backups. If the number of employees working in the office is 20-30 and the tasks involve constant cloud-based computing and heavy online backups, an internet speed of 500 Mbps is recommended. However, if the number of employees using the internet is over 30, one should go for an internet speed higher than 1 Gbps to enjoy a seamless internet connection.

While choosing an internet speed, one should check both the download and upload speeds. Theoretically, all internet activities require a specific download speed. Therefore, the downloading speed will require an upgrade with an increase in the number of connected devices. However, it is not valid for the upload speed. One needs a high upload speed only when they are required to upload large files without any interruption.

When Should You Upgrade Your Internet Speed?

If you face frequent lagging problems while engaging in online work, it indicates a need to upgrade to a higher internet speed. Business owners should frequently monitor the number of employees working in the workspace to determine the right internet speed. Even though high internet speed is crucial, at the same time, small business owners should also ensure that they are not paying for extremely high internet speed. It is because the higher the internet speed and bandwidth, the more will be the cost associated with it. It is no secret that all businesses should be mindful of their expenses to become profitable and increase their revenue. Therefore, try to pay for the internet speed and bandwidth that you are sure you require.

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