The Security Awareness Tips that all Start-ups must know

January 29, 2022

Cybersecurity is a major part of the modern business world and as long as your business is connected to the internet, it is at risk of being hacked, succumbing to online financial fraud, or losing data to cybercriminals. It is thus imperative for all start-ups to have a clear idea of the cybersecurity awareness that all those working in and for the business need to be familiar with. Keep in mind that your business security is only as strong as the weakest link or most uninformed employee.

Types of attack

Cyber attacks generally fall into one of two categories, either internal or external attacks, however, it can be argued that both of these types of attacks will involve, affect, or include internal employees and those who legitimately use the network and have access to the data. Whether through phishing or unsolicited emails, CEO fraud and malware cyber attacks can be combatted by ensuring that those who use the network are as informed and educated as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is doing the right thing concerning your cybersecurity is to train all employees in security awareness; click here to learn more.

The top three issues that must be included in such awareness, based on the current cybercrime trends, are:

Password management

Most businesses require employees to access their network or information technology systems using a password or key code. It is the theft of such passwords and codes that has put many a business at risk of closure, as cybercriminals infiltrate their network. Gaining entry by copying or stealing your employee passwords is a common route of entry, and as such, all employees and those who access your company network must be trained in developing and maintaining strong passwords. Passwords should be complex, have a minimum length, and all employees should follow mandatory password resets.

Email security

The humble email has become one of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access, either by spoofing a genuine company email or convincing employees to click on dangerous links. Phishing is one of the main threats from cyber attackers and must be one of the main aspects of any security training.

Physical and office security

It is one of the main issues to include in cybersecurity awareness training and yet often ignored by many. By gaining access to the building or office, a potential hacker or criminal will have the ability to copy passwords, remove hardware devices, and download data. Just as it is the user’s responsibility to keep e-access private and secure, so too must the physical space and hardware be secured and kept safe. This is ever more pertinent with the increase in remote workers, hot desking, and hybrid work, as endpoint access and devices now proliferate more than ever.

The final point to make is that the goal of any cybersecurity process, system, or program is to ensure data integrity, availability, and maintain its confidentiality. The best way to do this is to ensure that those who legitimately use the system are trained in cybersecurity and aware of the importance of their roles in maintaining a cogent security system.

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