The Ultimate Guide: How To Make A Living Playing Poker Tournaments

November 17, 2022

The surge in players in online poker rooms in recent times, as well as the arrival of a new generation of players following the ability to be able to play this game conveniently on the internet, has inspired many amateurs to transition to professional poker.

The progress in their technique and the desire to achieve greater goals are two factors that have pushed some players to pursue formal contests and end up living off the cash gained by the competitions. But many people wonder if it is possible to make a living by playing poker tournaments. What is required to be able to survive off the proceeds of these competitions?

Can I make a living playing in poker tournaments and other premier competitions?

While it is not advisable to think about gambling as a guaranteed means of making money, many are already living a way in which they are able to play poker professionally and not have to worry about too much else.

Indeed, we have seen a number of players continue to play regularly on world tour circuits where they appear to have a huge amount of money to play with. This has helped to grow the appeal of the game, as well as inspire many to have dreams regarding the possibility of making it a reality.

However, in order to do that, there are a number of different things that players need to consider. Of course, poker is a game where practice is important, but other factors can have an impact on whether it is possible to make a living and be successful.

How to make a living playing poker tournaments?

Perhaps one of the best ways to start making a living as a professional poker player is by playing online. Indeed, it is now possible to access platforms that host poker tournaments regularly, with some of them even offering players bonuses when they join and start playing. These tournaments are inherently competitive. Only some people can make a living by playing in tournaments. Specific characteristics must be mastered to do so. Professional tournament play necessitates the following:

  • Passion for the game
  • Capable of focusing and being diligent
  • Previous track record of your success
  • Have the necessary abilities to win the game
  • Take tournaments as seriously as you would your regular job
  • Sufficient time to play
  • Money to put toward your tournament bankroll
  • Off the table, work on your game

Bankroll management

Proper bankroll management is one of the most important poker skills to have. Most poker players go bankrupt for reasons other than a lack of ability, but it is actually due to poor bankroll management. Some players become tired of their typical stakes and choose bigger stakes, even if it is financially risky.


It is common for an online poker session to last 12 hours. The ability to concentrate intensely for an extended amount of time becomes a vital talent for success. This is unsuitable for you if you are easily distracted.


Poker is similar to gambling. It is easy to run well, think of oneself as a great player, and take shots at greater stakes. The ability to play within your bankroll while also maintaining the discipline to put in regular study hours is critical. 

Analytical Mind

Many poker players have experience with strategy games like chess or video games. This is not to argue that the ability to boil things down to basics is required to be a strong chess player, but it is a significant benefit. Poker tournaments necessitate a high level of mental focus and discipline to make difficult decisions in-game and in preparation for the game.

Emotional Stability

It would help if you were emotionally stable enough to see the forest through the trees. In poker, decisions are made based on the expected value of an action. Even if you lose in a particular situation, being able to praise yourself for making the correct decision is a good indicator. You must put a lot of effort into your mental game, discipline, and mentality if you want to become a professional poker player.


As a poker player, you must accept that poker will consume a significant amount of your time. Poker must be taken as seriously as any other vocation. Even though poker can provide a luxurious lifestyle, great outcomes need hard work


There is no doubt that you can make a living as a professional poker player. However, it requires tireless dedication, a remarkable capacity for sacrifice, a never-ending desire to learn and expand knowledge, and enough time to play poker games to stay trained, improve technique, and perform at the top level in elite poker competitions.

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