Tips for Increasing Sales With Digital Signage

December 19, 2022
Tips for Increasing Sales With Digital Signage

From driving traffic to enhancing the customer experience, indoor LED displays present great opportunities for improvement and growth among retailers. There are countless ways to use your digital signage, so it’s important to find the strategies that best suit your business model, store layout, and customer habits. However, there are a few tried and true tips that any store can use to increase sales with digital signage. Make the most of your display with these tricks.

Keep Content Relevant

Outdated content is a quick way to get customers to ignore your sign completely. Make sure you keep your display fresh and interesting with regular content updates. Use this as an opportunity to tell customers about your latest sales, promote upcoming events, or share information like new products or seasonal hours. Relevant, up-to-date content engages viewers and creates a more dynamic advertisement for your business.

Location, Location, Location

Creating relevant content is only half the battle; you also need to make sure passersby can actually see your display. That’s why your display’s location plays a significant role in increasing sales with digital signage. When your sign is clearly visible in a high-traffic area, you earn more views. This, in turn, increases the attention and conversions your store receives from your digital display. Choose an ideal place to install your signage solution by considering customer traffic, the type of content you want to display, and other factors.

Increase Online Engagement

Digital signage doesn’t just bring attention to your physical store; it can also drive more traffic to your website, social media pages, and other online platforms. In fact, digital content creates a unique opportunity for engagement through social media hashtags, QR codes, location check-ins, and other interactive options.

Signs that display your website URL or encourage guests to use your hashtag give visitors a straightforward way to engage with your business on a more personal level. This also makes it easier for in-store customers to find more products and services on your website that you might not have available in your physical store.

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