Top 11 Innovative Ecommerce Ideas Your Competitors Are Beating You At

November 7, 2022

With the increased adoption of technology, ecommerce has taken over the business world. Online businesses offer convenience, flexibility, lower startup costs, and access to broader markets. Statistics show that approximately 25% of all business transactions globally are conducted online, with 1.9 million online retailers globally, and the numbers are projected to rise in 2023 and the future.

There are about 2.1 million online retailers in the US, with sales expected to exceed $1 trillion. However, with millions of businesses competing in the online space, the only way to make your business succeed is to come up with innovative ideas. Here are some creative ideas to make you a contender in the online marketplace.


Rental Marketplace

A rental marketplace is an online platform where people can rent out items they need instead of having to purchase them. This is a good idea because there’s no limit to renting items, including clothes, tools, equipment, and property.

It can help people save money by offering the option to rent rather than having to buy items that they may only use once or twice. It can also be a good idea to generate income from things you possess but rarely use.

You can earn money by charging other renters a percentage of their earnings from renting through your platform. You can also market on your platform and earn through affiliate marketing. One example of a rental marketplace is AirBnB.

Private Label Online Store

A private label business involves having your items manufactured by a third party and then selling them under your retailer name. There’s an infinite number of things you can sell through private labeling, including hair and skin care products, clothing, cosmetics, stationery, and many more.

Begin by identifying a niche and then reaching out to potential manufacturers. You can set up an online store and sell on popular platforms like Depop. Private label offers adaptability and control over pricing, production, and marketing.

E-commerce Service Support

A lot of work goes into keeping ecommerce platforms running smoothly, including electronic component procurement. You can capitalize on this need and offer different support services. For instance, you can provide customer service support for online businesses looking to outsource customer support.

If you have the skills, you can also offer IT support, including designing and maintaining ecommerce websites. You can also provide warehouse management services as well as manage orders and shipping.

Niche Job Board


While there are many existing and effective job boards online, niche job boards are highly in demand and can be a good idea for a successful online business. Niche job boards are databases that facilitate easy access for industry-specific professionals to meet.

Companies seeking to hire candidates with specific qualifications can easily access prospective candidates without filtering through thousands of candidates. A niche job board can also be a good platform for professionals to network and a good way for companies to present their brands, indirectly marketing themselves.

Software and App Development

Developing applications and software that promote efficiency can be a great way to succeed online. The field is vast, with numerous opportunities. Once you have developed digital products, you can earn by selling them to others or charging people to use your digital products. You can also earn through affiliate marketing by marketing products and brands on or through your digital product.

AI-Supported Online Store

AI has revolutionized business and life in general. Integrating AI into your online store can give you a competitive advantage as it can help personalize services and improve user experience.

For instance, incorporating text-to-speech AI into your online store can make it more accessible to those who might have reading problems or those living with limiting disabilities like blindness.

AI that translates languages can also be helpful if you’re planning to venture into the international market or if your business deals with people speaking different languages.

Online Crowdfunding Website

With businesses operating globally now, you can create an online platform that links entrepreneurs with prospective investors. This can be a good way for business owners to get the funds they need to launch or expand a business.

Crowdfunding is low-risk, and your platform can benefit from free brand advertising and marketing by linking investors and entrepreneurs. Once you have created the platform, you can work on launching a funding campaign by first identifying your target audience.

You can then design your market strategy based on the audience. Utilize tools like press releases, a good landing page, and social media platforms to optimize reach.

Online Freelance Platform

There are many talented freelancers globally looking to find work online. You can meet this need by creating an online platform to link freelancers to those needing freelancing services.

With a freelance platform, you can earn on every order processed through your platform. You can also use your platform to offer your freelancing service to clients.

Home-Sharing Or Home-Swap Platform

With so many people traveling globally, a home-swapping business can be a lucrative online venture. It offers the comforts of home in a new location and is cost-effective. It can be an excellent income-generating idea if you or people you know have idle property. Once you have selected a platform and set up a website, you can begin by reaching out to property owners and signing them up. You can then market these properties to interested parties and earn a specific percentage from each house swap.

Elearning Platform


Due to Covid 19 and increased internet use, there has been an increasing demand for online education, which makes an online learning platform a good idea. Online studying offers convenience allowing those with busy schedules to continue their education.

Online learning has also increased international access to quality education without physical limitations. When setting up an e-learning platform, it is crucial to make your platform stand out to attract users. Consider installing features like student profiles, teachers’ profiles, and administrators’ profiles.

You can also make it easy for students to access reading material and offer a communication platform to facilitate communication.

Online Subscription Library

Many people like to read, and helping them access reading materials can be a lucrative online business idea. To set up an online library, find a platform that can host your library, then create a landing page with a description and graphics.

Once you’re done setting up, you can create a paywall that will only allow subscribers to access the books. You can then market your library and receive funds from subscribers. You can also utilize data tools to help you identify your audience and avail of their preferred books to keep them renewing their subscriptions.

Wrapping Up

There are endless ways to make money online. With innovative thinking, you can find the best ecommerce ideas and achieve online success. Start by thinking about any problems you might solve with your business idea, then research extensively and create a business plan. Due to increased demand, online learning and freelancing platforms are great online business ideas. You can also develop software and start a crowdfunding platform to link investors and entrepreneurs. Remember, not all ideas are suitable for everyone. Consider your skill set and resources before starting, and don’t be afraid to try out different things until you find the right one.

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