Unique Packaging Ideas for Your Candle Business

November 18, 2022
Unique Packaging Ideas for Your Candle Business

Most people who run their own candle businesses work with very few other people, or no one else at all. Having to do everything yourself can mean that some things, like branding and marketing, fall through the cracks. Check out these unique packaging ideas for your candle business to boost brand identity and improve your marketing game.

Wrapping and Tissue Paper

Wrapping your candles won’t keep them secure, but it will prevent scratches and fingerprints during packaging and shipping. You can either use paper that you find at the store or order a custom design that incorporates your logo. Wrapping your candles takes time, but it provides a personal touch that your customers are sure to appreciate.

Fun Packing Peanuts

Another unique packaging idea for your candle business is to use special packing peanuts to keep your candles secure in their boxes during shipping. Some companies make packing peanuts in fun shapes and colors that can make your packaging feel unique—bonus points if the packing peanuts are environmentally friendly!

Handwritten Notes

Receiving a handwritten note from a vendor makes every package feel like a personal gift from a friend, rather than a number on an order fulfillment list. While it takes time to write out notes by hand, your message doesn’t need to be anything more than a simple “Thanks for shopping with us!” or “We hope you enjoy!” You can even type out note cards and simply sign your name to streamline the process.

Extra Goodies

It’s become very common in the small business industry to include a free surprise gift with every purchase. The gift can be something cute like a sticker to remind the customer of your brand, or it could be something more practical, like branded matchboxes. Branded matchboxes are actually one of the most useful promotional items you could include, and it just makes sense to pair them with a candle purchase.

We hope this list gives you some ideas for making your candle business stand out from the competition!

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